About us

This is HauteButch – a brand that encourages expression of individuality. We are the go-to destination for butch and androgynous style seekers that prefer menswear-inspired finishes, without compromising proper fit. Welcome to the new standard in fashion.


HauteButch is a queer black owned brand, founded in 2012 by Karen Roberts & Danette Sheppard-Vaughn in an effort to solve a problem that’s existed in the fashion industry since its birth – creating masculine clothing tailored to fit women’s bodies. Being a masculine woman herself, Karen has a unique and personal understanding of the struggles many queer individuals face when searching for clothing to fit not only their sense of style, but their bodies as well. 

The fear, oppression, and sheer frustration that comes along with having a fierce sense of style and living in a society stuck in out-dated mindsets where women should embrace feminine “appropriateness” is what keeps HauteButch thriving even on our darkest days. Our foremothers risked incarceration and violence for HauteButch’s ability to create high quality, fashion forward apparel for all members of our community: butches, studs, tomboys, transmen, and androgynous style seekers.

Our company may be small and US based – but our passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and inclusive nature ensures there will be something for everyone, everywhere. Since opening, we have expanded our products to include virtual consultations, plus sizes, international shipping, and so much more. 

HauteButch will continue bringing you innovative, diverse styles with a dignified customer experience. Your clothes are a representation of who you are. Long gone are the days of oppressive clothing, being sexualized or considered second-class citizens.  Our designer understands you and is here to deliver the freedom and power you not only crave butdeserve. It’s time to embrace the brand that embraces you.