Suspenders - Defying Gender Stereotypes

Last week, we discussed the necessity of having a solid butch wardrobe for every occasion. This week, let’s focus in on the accessory that every barrier-breaking, non-conforming, well-dressed person out there needs – suspenders.
Suspenders are far less commonly seen than they deserve. Why is that? Who doesn’t do an admiring double-take when they spot a well-dressed stud sporting a pair?
Suspenders add a definitive statement to butch fashion, and that statement is: I have style – mad style.
What is it about suspenders that add so much to their wearer’s look? Why do tomboys decked out in suspenders have that swagger to their walk, that added pep in their step, that extra extra that catches the eye of so many?
One word: Confidence. Those in suspenders know they look good. And they are correct. 
Suspenders can be worn in several ways. For a lesbian wedding, you’ll want to be dressed formally, so the best butch fashion choice will be over the shoulders and fastened to those suit pants, just like they wore them back in the day. However, you can pop them off the shoulders and let them dangle out from under your suit jacket while you wear out the reception dance floor after the ceremony.

You don’t have to be wearing a two- or even three-piece suit to show off those suspenders, though. Consider wearing them out to dinner with your baby, maybe over a nice tomboy shirt. Those who are truly daring can try suspenders out with a more dressed-down androgynous style. Shorts, T-shirt, suspenders = insta-cool.
Now the thing about the Hautebutch suspenders line is this-- so many options. Leather, elastic, black, brown...pretty much every color of the rainbow, up to and including these truly awesome rainbow suspenders. Which should you choose? Depends on the look you’re going for.
For a formal event, leather suspenders pull you to the next level. Choose from classic black or brown, or consider branching out and sporting a pair of unusual sky blue suspenders. We seriously doubt anyone else will have such a fine pair as yours.
Elastic suspenders are generally seen at more casual occasions; however, we know you all-- you want to raise the bar on gender-breaking fashion. Why not mix it up? Strap those leather suspenders onto some shorts, and pair your red elastic suspenders with a suit and classy bow tie.

Here’s the thing about suspenders – they add the final touch. Think of suspenders as being the white bow on that iconic blue jewelry box. Without the bow, it’s just a regular box. The joy of receiving a gift like that is pulling off the white bow in one slow, smooth, anticipatory tug. Give someone the gift of you, in suspenders.
Need more convincing? How about this list of icons who shine in their suspenders: Ellen DeGeneres, Humphrey Bogart, Ryan Gosling, Tyra Banks, Marlon Brando-- you look at that list and only two common threads tie these fine folk together: fame and suspenders.
Add yourself to that list, my people. That’s your true gender-defying fashion statement. Own it.
Have you dared to raise the bar with your tomboy wardrobe yet? Talk to us. What are your thoughts about the suspender style? Can you pull it off? Tell us in the comments!