HauteButch's Guide to Gift Giving

When it comes to wedding planning, asking those you love to stand next to you on this monumental day is one of the most exciting parts! It’s even becoming traditional to have brides-men, grooms-maids, or a man of honor - this creates an interesting and exciting dynamic. In a 2017 study, it was found that 1 in 3 couples did not follow traditional gender roles when choosing their wedding party. The pre-wedding festivities such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party are becoming all-inclusive celebrations for the whole wedding party to bond. Being such an integral part of someone’s wedding is no small task, so we have a few gift ideas for the brides to give to their wedding party - no matter who is included!

Coordinated shirts or flannels

Pre-wedding festivities attire does not always have to be feminine, whether before the wedding or at the bachelorette party. The options are endless, but here are some so they will look awesome together and will please a variety of different people. You can even head to your local thrift store or mall (head to H&M or Urban Outfitters) to pick out a flannel for everyone individually. This look offers a great photo opportunity for you on your wedding day and allows your wedding party to hang out in a comfortable top.


Sunglasses are always a stylish accessory, especially for a summertime wedding. They can aid in photos for a unique photo-op, and your wedding party will appreciate the thoughtful gesture for summer days to come. Sunglasses can be completely personalized depending on a person’s style. Pick out a pair of sunglasses for everyone in your party or even bulk order the same pair for everyone to make the process easy for you.

Wine and whiskey

If your wedding party is excited for the reception portion of your wedding, then kick off the day for them with wine or whiskey. Depending on preference, you can choose a special bottle for everyone. Taking the time to pick out a high-end bottle of alcohol for your friends to enjoy is a thoughtful gesture that shows you took time to consider what they love.


No matter if they have a feminine or tomboy style, the gift of jewelry is always a great option. This way, your wedding party will have a creative twist to pair with their attire for the day. Choose from HauteButch’s array of jewelry - earrings, broaches, and even engraved bracelets are available to give to your party and family members as a thank you gift.

 Suspenders and bowties

If you want your crew looking dapper during your wedding, then bowties are a must. No matter the color scheme of your wedding, we have something for you. Paired with suspenders or even any of the items above, everyone will look ready for your wedding. These items are staples in anyone’s closet for a formal event – rest assured your gifts will go to good use and become conversation starters for events to come.