HauteButch’s Guide to Bridal Style

You’re engaged, Congratulations! There will be a lot of planning ahead. You’ll make decisions about everything from your engagement photos to invitations to decor, and even the cake. One of the most important things you will decide is your bridal style. Being one of two brides (and grooms too!) gives you a lot of options for what to wear. This can be really exciting or overwhelming. You can go very classy and formal with a tuxedo or dress or casual with a suit and tie. The possibilities are endless. The last things you’ll need are wedding rings to represent your beautiful relationship. Here is a little guide to figure out your bridal style!

Wedding Theme

The first place to start figuring out your bridal style is with the wedding theme. Before you find any pieces of clothing or jewelry, you’ll need to decide what style the wedding is going to be. Is it formal or relaxed? This will change what kind of clothing you need to find. For example, a formal vintage themed wedding would require a sharp tuxedo or suit.

This suit from HauteButch would be perfect! The beautifully detailed fabric is reminiscent of a different time. And you can always incorporate the color scheme into your suit for a pop of color. Theme can be a great pointer for what kind of attire is appropriate for your wedding, but don’t forget this day is all about you! It’s incredibly important to keep your own style in mind while choosing what to wear.


The real question your family will be wondering is what are you going to wear? Even though this may be a question going around, the most critical thing is that you are comfortable on your wedding day. After all, you are the bride! You deserve to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. You can wear a suit in a feminine way or a dress with a suit jacket. Mixing and matching styles is very on trend. Pair your sharp suit with a pair of heels or ultra cool sneakers for a statement.

For the feminine bride, find the dress that matches your personality. If you’ve always wanted a fairytale dress, then find something enchanting. If you don’t want to wear a dress, get a wedding jumpsuit. They can be just as elegant as a gown, but you’re wearing pants!

Wedding Ring

Your wedding rings will be the most meaningful part of your wedding. They are a symbol of your life-long commitment to one another. Every day you’ll look at your ring and be reminded of your wedding day. This is why it’s essential to find a ring that you’ll love to look at! When choosing your wedding ring, think about your personality and lifestyle. This ring should enhance your current jewelry and be something you can wear during most of your daily activities. If you want to choose something unique, you can incorporate gemstones like sapphires or even diamonds.

Jewelers, like Blue Nile, provide a wide range of wedding rings from classic to eye-catching. A bride or groom with personality deserves a unique wedding ring. You can go shopping together or pick out your partner’s for a surprise. Either way, your wedding ring will be a connection that you and
your partner will never forget!

Once you have the wedding ring of your dreams, get a box to protect it (and your partner’s too). This customized HauteButch ring box is a great keepsake, perfect for a rustic chic wedding and can hold both rings safely while your ring bearer is walking down the aisle.