Effortless Butch Style Requires Effort

Is it just me, or is dressing up is far easier than dressing down? Anybody with me on this one? I mean, an outfit for a more formal event is not that difficult to plan.
Ironed shirt – check. Pressed slacks/suit jacket – check. Tie/bowtie – check. Vest, studs, polished shoes – check, check, boom. Done.
Walk out the door looking like a Hautebutch model, catching the eye of everybody at the event like nobody’s business.
I can dress up just fine. It’s the dressing down that kills me sometimes. My goal there is to look like I just threw on the first thing in reach, ran my hands through my hair, and jetted out looking effortlessly hot.
But guess what? If I actually DO throw on the first thing in reach, I end up looking like a slob. That is not okay – that doesn't make a good impression on anybody. I want to feel good about what I put out into the world.
Here’s the thing. The effortless look requires effort. It just does. Sad but true, right?
Let’s take a look at some Hautebutch styles and see what works here.
All right, check out this hot model strutting down the sidewalk like they own it. Hey, what do I know? Maybe they do.
Given those cool shades, the head-to-toe solid black look, the well-fitting T-shirt, and the way they have one hand casually slid into the pocket of those sweet jogger shorts, this boss could own the whole town.
This is our first example. You know that they did not roll out of bed looking this hot. This look required effort, and yet to the casual observer, it looks effortless.
Notes made. Moving on.

Okay, so how about this look? A classic black T-shirt, eye-catching necklace, and a snapback hat flipped around backwards.
Simple, right? Actually...yes. Just have these items on hand and you really could just grab and go.
Preparation, my friends.

All right. I'm liking this look. What do you think?
See, accessorizing is key to pretty much all styles. This model sports a simple yet powerful white T-shirt and tops it off with a vest.
The vest is what drives this androgynous outfit home, fam. It dresses it up just enough to look special and yet still effortless.
Yeah, I like it. Let's keep going here...

What does this shirt say? The TRUTH, yo. The truth. Well, for some of us, anyway. Let me regain my focus here.
See, what works with this look is that it is calm and strong. Maybe it's just that model that pulls this look off so well, but I think it's in the way the hat is tilted just so. The shirt fits well. The pants are a complementary color.
This works, my people. It does. Simple, stylish, hot. Okay, one more.

You caught me. I've used this picture before. You know what, though? I don't care, because it speaks to me. Loudly.
This chill look just calls to me. We're back to a simple base look (black T) that's made special by accessorizing.
Pink suspenders + black hat + classic look = ridiculously attractive.
Okay, gang, that's all I've got. The takeaway message here is it pays to put effort into looking effortless. As always, thank you for reading, please tag us in any social media you post, and carry on, my people.
Comments are always greatly appreciated. See you next week.