3 Reasons to Stop Shopping in the Men's Department for a Masculine Look

If you're trying to get a masculine look, then you know your outfit and accessories can set the tone. Finding the right gear to wear that expresses your tomboy swag doesn't have to be limited to the men's section of your local department store, either. There are tons of benefits for wearing masculine clothes made to fit the female form for women and trans guys versus relying on the men's department stores.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. You Won't Get the Right Fit

When you shop at a place like Men's Warehouse or at a men's section in the department store, you'll come across a ton of suits and clothes made for men. But the clothing available in these places are made to fit the male body. That means you can end up getting pants that may be too long or shirts that are too tight in the chest area. If your clothes don't fit right, then you won't look right. Instead, consider shopping for clothes designed for your body and up to size 5X, such as HauteButch's suit slacks or Yeoman vest.

2. You'll Have Less Color and Pattern Selections

Men's clothing typically have less color and pattern options than clothing made to fit the female form. You'll typically see "safe" neutral palettes for suits and ties or the standard blue and black color choices and striped patterns. But when you shop for clothing made for the trans guy or female form, you'll be able to choose from a wide variety of androgynous rich color schemes.

You can even go for a vibrant look, such as the bold bright red of HauteButch's Chili pepper chinos or unique floral pattern of the blue sky floral with pocket square.

3. You'll Have Style Limitations   

Shopping in a men's clothing store may limit you to styles designed just for men. But there are tons of styles to choose from when you shop for clothes made to fit women or transguys. From androgynous styles to tomboy fashion to fashionisto looks, you can find a wide selection of styles when you're shopping in the right place. HauteButch offers all these looks and more, including the tomboy and fashionisto styles of its Annapolis tomboy shirt or Authentic collection white pullover.

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