3 Fun and Masculine Ways to Dress Up Your Vests

3 Fun and Masculine Ways to Dress Up Your Vests

Ask yourself, "Do I want to follow the latest trends or become the trendsetter everyone follows?" If you are a trendsetter through and through, you can stay true to your personal style by dressing up your vests using masculine elements. A balance of elements will allow you to look fly through every season without deviating from your unique outlook on fashion. You can customize the three following tips and tricks to dress up your vest-based outfits in intriguing ways.

1. Experiment with Shirt Styles

A shirt that perfectly contrasts your vest provides a tomboy fashion-forward look for the world to emulate. When you sport the smooth cotton style of the Yeoman vest, for example, you can elevate your look with shirts in gorgeous horizontal stripe or windowpane patterns.

If you are particularly adventurous, pair your vests with shirts made from denim, leather or other outrageous materials. Make sure that your pants, vest and accessories play a secondary role to rather loud or adventurous shirts.

2. Open Up and Sport Fun Accessories

Wearing a vest should never be a humdrum affair. Instead, make sure your vest highlights your playful side by wearing it open and pairing it with fun accessories.
When you leave the buttons undone and allow ties, bowties, cufflinks, watches and other statement accessories to play a leading role, you actually highlight the vest as a vital element to your unique look. Consider adding a jacket over your open vest when you want to look pulled together yet ready for any fun that comes your way.


3. Double Up with Smart Layers

Layers help you accentuate the fact that you are ready for any adventure life brings you. You can layer your vests with suspenders, jackets and even other vests.

When you double up the vests, wear one button up fully and the other wide open. If you want a polished look, add a subtle tie beneath the buttoned vest. For a casual appearance, simply wear your favorite accessories and sport a hairdo that highlights your unique personality and tomboy fashion sense.

Accentuate Your Wardrobe with Vests for Every Occasion

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