11 Accessories Every Butch & Trans* Fashionisto MUST Have

Today I want to talk about the 11 must-have Accessories that every fashionisto needs.
now, of course you're not going to need these everyday but you are going to need them. This way you have them and you're not scrambling at the last minute to complete your look.
Here goes...

  • Number 11 On the list is a white pocket square. Being well dressed is all about those little details. Pocket squares are one of those little things can be easily forgotten but can deliver a big impact. Only sets you back a few dollars and it's well worth it.

  •  Number 10 is a Silver colored tie bar. A tie bar is one of those accessories that  can add a very special touch to any outfit.  They're really affordable too. Think about it, you only have to buy it once unless you'd like to get jiggy with it and add various colors to your collection. The colored ones do add a pop of color!

  • coming in at Number 9 are the black and navy tie...now these two ties are going to work with every suit or vest and dress shirt combination in your closet.They'll be your "go-to's" initially.

  • Number 8 is dress socks-  I don't care if they're patterned or solid....just get rid of your white athletic socks (except for gym days & lounging. Your dress socks can and should be used as your every day socks.

  • Number 7 is sunglasses-  sunglasses are really important ...not only do they protect your eyes from the sun but they also prevent you from squinting, which causes wrinkling around the eyes. This is something you may regret later in life.  So add a stylish touch to any outfit with a dashing pair of sunglasses as long as you picked up the right frame for your face.

  • Coming in at Number 6 are caps-  lazy days and days that we just don't want to do our hair where we just say eff it, "I'll put on a cap today" instead of running out of the house with unkempt hair.  

  • Number 5 are Black and Brown derby, oxford or brogue dress shoes.  Not only do they look top notch with suits but they also look nice with jeans, chinos or wool trousers - when you want to dress up a more casual outfit. 
   Number 4 are Black and brown belts - Because you're gonna be wearing dress shoes, you absolutely need to have a belt that matches the color of your shoes.

  •  Number 3 is A Backpack or a briefcase: Which one you go with is going to be dependent upon your occupation and your lifestyle. So if you work in a more casual setting or you're a student then you want to go with the backpack. If you work in a more professional environment then you should go with a briefcase.


  • Watches are Number 2 on the list. It's essential to have a casual and/or dress watch (if possible). Which one you're going to go with will depend on your lifestyle.  
  • So if you are dressed casually most of the time, go with a casual watch. If you're wearing a suit or a button down, vest and tie most of time, go with the dress watch.

  • The final number 1 accessory are Boxer Briefs: And darker colors are very sexy -all the fashionistas should be rockin' boxer briefs. 

Just know that you can start small to begin mastering your style and building your wardrobe. You can pick up one thing at a time and before you know it, you'll have several outfits to mix, match and wear....whatever the occasion!