Holiday Gift Guide for the Dapper Tomboy in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for the Dapper Tomboy in Your Life

The holidays always seem to sneak up after Thanksgiving, leaving festive revelers to scramble for the perfect gift. Don't get caught in the lurch and plan ahead! What do you get for the stylish butch who has everything? Fashion accessories in line with their unique style are the right present to show you've been thinking of them.

1. Bowtie for the Dapper Dandy

A bowtie is great for the tomboy who likes to get dressed up and always looks sharp. This accessory can be nerd chic or seriously high class. The right pattern on a bowtie can complement any outfit whether just going to the office for the day or spending a swanky night out on the town. With styles ranging from sassy floral to classic paisley or polka dot, the right bowtie for the butch in your life is here.

Cufflinks should be an accessory that say a lot about the wearer. There are models appropriate for all sorts of different hobbies and tastes. Tinkerers and engineers will love these square mechanical cufflinks. Biker cuties will be proud to wear a pair of BMX cufflinks. Anyone preparing for nuptials will appreciate a pair of 'links with the word "Groom" etched on them, in case anyone had any questions about who you are on your special day.

3. Supportive Friends Gift Suspenders

Everyone needs a little help holding their pants up every now and again. Suspenders are an important part of any dashing masculine-of-center outfit. Rainbow suspenders show extra pride, while more classic options like stripes or polka dots can dress up a pair of jeans on any normal day. For the ultra luxe look go with a pair of thin leather ones to help support debonair trousers.

4. Headgear

No, we're not suggesting to gift your friends one of those embarrassing mouth apparatuses worn by awkward middle school students! We're talking hats. Everyone needs at least one hat, right? Studs are always proud to wear a stylish snapback with the HauteButch logo to show everyone who crosses their path that they are fashion forward. A newsboy cap, the tomboyish version of the newsboy, is a great everyday lid to complete any look.

5. Collar Bar

A collar bar is a unique accessory that adds a chic accent to an ensemble. It holds the two ends of the collar together, but more importantly, it looks awesome. This is perfect for your friend who is always wearing masculine button downs and looking elegant. It turns that haute couture swagger all the way up!

6. Gift Set

For those who prefer to be extra coordinated a gift set will satisfy. Most sets are comprised of a few matching accessories for a complete head to toe look. The pride pack has some rainbow and lesbian themed accessories. If the colorful tie, necklace and bracelet don't give the message of being out and proud, then the lesbian pendant will finish the job. Give them all as a gift or keep one for yourself!

7. When All Else Fails...

If you are still stumped on what to get your favorite polished and trendy andro sweetie for the holidays, a gift certificate is always a great idea. Some who have their own distinctive style are ridiculously hard to shop for, and that's OK. A gift card will let them pick out exactly what they want to get in order to make every outfit pop.