What you wear at work matters

How you dress affects your productivity and success in the workplace, but it may not be in the way you think. The old adage, “dress for success,” is long-rooted in American work culture. And, to be fair, it has its merits: time and time again, research has revealed that what you wear can drastically affect your confidence levels, ultimately boosting work performance. Yet, modern research has shed light on the intricacies of workwear, and the findings are far more complicated than just dressing up.

How you dress affects how you think

westpointe androgynous windowpane shirt (2)A 2015 study revealed that what you wear helps determine whether your thinking is “concrete” or “abstract.” Those who wear casual, comfortable clothing, such as T-shirts and slip-on footwear, are more likely to think literally, taking information at face value and sticking to the facts, a benefit in many STEM careers. This explains casual work attire’s prevalence in tech jobs—walk into a Silicon Valley office and you’re more likely to find flip flops and shorts than a suit and tie.
On the other hand, formal dress tends to promote abstract thought. What does this mean? Well, if you work in the humanities or need to focus on long-term business strategy, donning a button-up might translate to more creative problem-solving skills.
So, if you’re a concrete thinker, don’t worry about dressing up! Keeping it casual is the name of the game in this field, and we’ve got your back. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a tank top, here at HauteButch, we’ve got you covered for casual wear.
Ambassador Three Piece Suit
But, if you’re looking for a little boost in creativity, it may be worth taking the time to dress up. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme—the Quartermaster button down, for example, is slightly preppy without sacrificing comfort. That said, if you’re feeling up to it, take the time to go all out! Our Westpointe Windowpane shirt, paired with a blazer, tie, or just worn solo, is a great place to start.
In addition to the theoretical benefits of abstract thought, dressing formally holds very tangible and measurable advantages. A 2014 study found that formal dress correlated with making more profitable deals in a business environment.
If you needed an excuse to don a suit and tie, this is it (and if you’re looking for a suit to fit your needs, check out our Ambassador two piece suit, custom-made for your exact measurements!)

Final Thoughts

Still, the best way to dress is the way in which you feel most comfortable and secure. Formal or informal, t-shirt or bow tie, it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel happy with the way you’re dressed. So, regardless of whether you want to dress up or dress down, we’re here for you.
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