Weddings – Something for Everyone

When I think “wedding,” I automatically think HauteButch. If I get asked to be one of the wedding party, I know where I can find a sweet suit and all the accessories I need. No worries, right?
For those of you on the getting-hitched side of the equation, HB is there for you as well.
The thing I hadn’t thought of until recently, though, is that HauteButch can fill another need. Attendant gifts. Traditionally, when you get married, you give something to the friends who stand up with you to thank them for being there for you.
Cuff links
Lots of options here for this trendy gift for your best mates. Cuff links are something it seems not a lot of people have, so it’s a nice thing to provide for them, especially if it is part of their wedding attire.
I have a friend who wear watches that don’t work. (You know who you are.) When I offered to go get their favorite watch a new battery, they declined and said they only wear it because it looks good.
Okay, then. My point here is that watches can look so good that they don’t even have to be functional. Thankfully, the HB watches work. A top-notch gift for those attendees of yours, fam.

Bow Ties
Like the cuff links, bow ties could serve the dual purpose of gift + wedding attire.
You could give everyone the same pattern or mix it up a bit. Plenty of options at HB for either choice.

Tie Clips
I love tie clips. It’s that tiny little addition that adds so much to the look.
Again, not a ton of people own tie clips. Easy fix, right?
Belt / Suspenders
Have to hold those slacks up somehow, so might as well look super stylish while doing it. As you all know by now, I totally have a thing for suspenders. You probably don’t know I’m also in love with belts.
Boxers for Women, Tomboy Fashion, Tomboy StyleUndies
Seriously? Okay, let me explain. I was telling a friend about this topic, and jokingly said I should add this category. She said, Why not? And then made the fine point that this would be perfect for getting ready beforehand – everyone wearing tanks and briefs, bopping around prepping for the big event.

I could go on like this forever. Each time I refer back to the website, I see a ton of things that would be perfect gifts for your attendees.
I highly recommend that you assess your individual wedding party and think about what they would most appreciate, and go from there.
Don’t forget to pick something extra special out for your Best Butch, too.
Any weddings coming up in your life? Are you getting married or in the party, or a guest? Let us know!