Vans by HauteButch

Recently Vans launched their Foot the Bill initiative, which lends a hand to small businesses like ours. Each business involved was given an opportunity to design a custom Vans shoe and t-shirt. Karen, the owner + designer at HauteButch, worked with staff members to design an exclusive shoe that represents our company and customers. 

Let’s check it out! 


As you can see, the focal point of the design is a dapper individual surrounded by crowns and tidal waves. Can you guess what some of this might mean? You might be right!
The design represents infinite equality. Our genderless human, designed by Karen, is representative of our queer trend-setters. Without each and every one of you, HauteButch wouldn’t be here. You keep us going through the tough times and are there to celebrate each and every win!  What better way to show how grateful we are to have such amazing customers, fans, and readers?!! 


Cute right?! 

Did I mention you can customize your shoe before you order? That’s right. YOU get the final say in what your shoe looks like, making each pair unique. You have the option to alter the colors of the lining, quarters, heel, binding, sidewall, elastic, and foxing stripe. Don’t worry though, this part is completely optional! You can definitely stick to the limited-edition design created by HauteButch. These are for you, by YOU (and us 😘). 
So why am I devoting my weekly blog to Van’s Foot The Bill initiative? 
Primarily because these won’t be available for very long. Only 1,000 pairs will be created. Sounds like a lot, but those will be gone before you know it! Unfortunately, once they sell out, they’re gone forever, and we definitely want to allow our devoted followers to snag them before it’s too late. 
You may be wondering how you can claim one of these limited-edition pairs of Vans. It’s easy! Head over to the Foot The Bill website (here) and take your pick. Once they’ve arrived, show ‘em off!! Tag us (@hautebutch) + Vans (@vans)  on IG for a chance to be featured on our page. 
We can’t wait to see them on YOU!!