Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Stylish Tomboys

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what kind of gift you want to bestow upon your sweet person this year. If they are into Tomboy styles, we have some great options that can round out their wardrobe and keep them looking stylish in 2018.
Check out a few of our favorites here!

3-Piece Navy Suit
Every fashion-conscious tomboy or butch needs a solid men’s suit made cut the right way for their body. A classic navy suit is a wardrobe staple and can come in handy on all kinds of occasions, from a wedding to a work event to a run, fancy party. This 3-piece Lesbian Suit features Saint Harridan jacket and trousers paired with a double-breasted yeoman vest by HauteButch. You can have it tailored for your person to get it fit right to their exact measurement.
Few things make a better V-day gift than super sexy underwear. These HauteButch Boxer Briefs are made just like men’s, but to fit tomboy women. They look great under pants or on their own and you can choose from grey, white or black in the perfect size for your sweetheart.
Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set
Tomboys and butches look smoking in a suit, that’s just a fact. But when you top it with a perfectly paired bow tie and pocket square combo, you’re taking it to a whole new level. Whether you’re looking for a classic Polka Dot Bentley style, an everyday Bubble Gum look or an eye-catching floral print, we’ve got you covered. Bow ties are a chance to show off a little flair and a matching pocket square is just the hint of color that ties the whole outfit together. Great choice for lesbian wedding wear!
Rainbow Suspenders 
Suspenders make a fantastic pairing with a button up and jeans, over a t-shirt or under a suit jacket. They are a timeless accessory that tomboys can always rock and these rainbow suspenders are the perfect way to look dapper and let the gay shine through! They make a great gift for the tomboy in your life.
BGG Silicone Watch 
A watch is a stylish accessory that a lot of people don’t always think to buy for themselves - that’s why it makes a great gift. This BGG Silicone Watch is one of our favorites because you can wear it with pretty much any kind of look, formal or laid-back. You can choose from a clean, white face with a white silicone band or an all-black model, depending on what your Valentine would prefer. If you can’t decide, why not get both!
 HauteButch Gift Card
If you know that your love wants some new wardrobe additions to freshen up their hautebutch look but aren’t sure what kind of thing they would like best, get them a gift card! That way they can browse through the store and pick out the items they like best. Gift cards come in $25, $50 and $100 increments depending on how much you want to spoil your date. Being able to pick out your own favorite looks is one of the best gifts anyone can get.
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