Top Style Trends for 2018

Keeping up with fashion trends can be tough. Not only do you have to keep a constant eye on what new styles are cropping up in stores, you also have to keep complimenting your wardrobe with new items that will keep you looking fresh. Luckily this year a lot of 2017’s biggest trends are still holding steady.
Here are some of the top style trends for 2018 and some of the classic pieces from last year that you can reinvent in new ways.

Wide-Leg Pants
Last year, wide leg pants made a big splash and they continue to be on trend this coming year. They haven’t replaced skinny jeans altogether, but the more relaxed fit is being seen more and more often in both casual wear and dress attire. If you haven’t picked up a pair yet, now is the time! They look best in a dark shade paired with sneakers or boots.
Retro Sportswear
Sportswear has been having a big comeback in menswear for the past few years and brands from Adidas to Marc Jacobs and everyone in between have come out with nineties-looking tracksuits, zip-up jumpers, pullovers and drawstring pants in vintage fabrics. Pair these items with a vintage leather bomber or a denim jacket for a killer statement.
Lace Up Shoes
The fashion world has always appreciated good craftsmanship and the quality of a product and this year you’ll see a hard turn toward clean, smart, well-designed shoes and boots with high lace-ups. Both high-end designers and traditional brands are showcasing them this year and they make an excellent choice paired with both work attire and casual looks.
The leather jacket is taking all new forms this year. Of course, the classic motorcycle cut is still on point but you’ll also see some levelling up, with long leather trenchcoats, thick belts and mid-thigh cuts that pair perfectly with loose trousers, boots and gloves.
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