The Icing on the Butch Wardrobe Cake

After checking out last week’s blog, a friend said, “So, hats, huh?” I have to be honest. I hadn’t really thought that part out, but their comment made me give the topic some serious thought.
What is it about hats that works for a tomboy’s wardrobe, rounds out a well-dressed butch’s closet, tops off the transman's style? The more I thought about it, the more I realize that pretty much everyone I know loves hats, no matter how they self-identify.
I had a hard time pinning down the “why” of why family loves hats. I know I love them, but when I ask myself why that is, I can’t come up with one solid answer.

Ask me why I like suspenders and I will tell you: “Because they scream cool. They are stylish. They work with many styles. Suspenders are just rare enough to make the wearer stand out.”
Button-up shirts? “Because they are classic. They make me feel good. They are androgynous in themselves, in that I can dress them up or dress them down. Wearing a button-up shows that I put effort into my look.”
Hats? Um…
Okay, fam. Time to do what I do – let’s take it to the Hautebutch models to find out how hats work for them, and learn from what they do.

(Was it just me, or did anybody else hear delighted gasps resound from those butch-loving readers out there?)

Here’s a fine look if I ever saw one. First of all, this beanie looks warm. Maybe that’s the first thing I notice because the wind is blowing winter back in, but warmth is key right now.
The thing with this stud style, though, is one can wear a sweet beanie such as this whenever they choose. Warm weather does not deter the truly dedicated beanie fan from sporting this chill look, regardless of weather.

If you are a fan of the snapback look, check this out – Hautebutch has six fly looks to choose from. Ranging from the white-on-white cap with HAUTE boldly embroidered across to the smoking hot black leather hotness shown here, there are snapbacks for every look you are going for.
Side note: These can dress up a look or dress it down, depending on how you wear them. Don’t forget to take color and other accessories into account when choosing which way to tip that scale, yo.
Remember how we just talked about how there are six snapbacks to choose from? Um… you might want to sit down for this. Hautebutch has ten newboi caps from which to make your selection. TEN.
That’s one for every day of the week, plus three to swap out. I know. That was a bad example, but let me tell you what – my focus is fully on these epic newsboi hats, not math.
I feel like the newsboi falls into the same category as suspenders. Anyone in this sort of cap gains major style cred from strutting their stuff in this iconic style. Take a tip from these hot HB models and add sunglasses to drive the look home.

So what’s the takeaway message here, folks? Hats are cool. Hats are fun. Hats are easy to add or remove on the fly, which allow you to change up your look on the go.
Whether you add a hat to dress your look up or dress your look down, just remember the most important thing: Do you, my friends. Always.