The Curvy Womxn’s Guide to Masculine Fashion

Recently, I asked members of our Facebook Group what they wanted to learn more about - fashion wise. While there were a lot of GREAT suggestions, one stood out to me -  “jean brands for curvy bodies.” Our company may not specialize in jeans, but HauteButch loves guiding our queer style seekers in all things fashion! 


Since a group member specifically requested jeans, that’s where I’ll start. According to plus-size fashion blogger and designer, Alysse Dalessandro Santiago, Dapper Boi is the place to go!  They currently carry waist sizes ranging from 26 - 52 (depending on the style). Dapper Boi straight-slim jeans are available in multiple colors, such as indigo, black, blue fade and stone gray.  Also, if skinny jeans are your thing, you can pre-order a pair on their website in light grey, grey, black or indigo! 
While continuing my research, I noticed multiple andogynous fashion icons mentioned Asos, thrift stores, H&M (which has an androgynous line “Divided”), even Joe’s - with the right budget.  With a little experimentation, I’m confident you’ll find the perfect pair of jeans for your alluring curves. 

Fashion Basics

Let’s face it, there are some clothing items we all need in our closet. Solid tees, undershirts (hopefully I’m not the only one who still wears undershirts), shorts and pants for everyday activities and relaxing, etc. So where should the curvy, queer fashionistx look? 
For our budget conscious individuals - or those who like to think outside the box and aren’t afraid of searching for the “right” look - I’ll bring back the trusty thrift store and bigger stores (like H & M or Old Navy). I’ll also add in smaller stores, like Austin-based Flavnt (who also carries another group requested item - binders), because why not support someone’s dream while being fashionable?? 
Sizes up to XXL: Wildfang, MuttonHead, and Androgynous Fox  
Sizes up to 3XL: Gender Free World and Seven Clothing
Sizes up to 6XL: HauteButch and Asos

Statement Pieces + Formal Wear

This is where HauteButch shines! Vests, suits, and all the accessories like suspenders, ties, cufflinks and more. Karen, Owner/CEO/Designer, ensures every garment - and accessory - is carefully designed with the queer community in mind. Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and our clothing should too! Apparel should be made to fit YOUR body, no matter the size, and HauteButch provides every opportunity to make sure it does! Along with the basics, there are also options for virtual fashion consultations and personal shopping appointments. Ok, I may be a little biased, but once you’ve seen the transformation someone experiences when they FINALLY find clothes that fit them properly and match their style, it’s kinda life-changing. #sorrynotsorry 
Previously mentioned Dapper Boi along with Kirrin Finch are also reputable masculine-leaning clothing brands worth checking out! 


The first brand that pops into my head when I think about underwear is TomboyX. So naturally, I decided to browse their website and discovered they offer sizes up to 4X. Not a bad start! Plus, they have great reviews, so next time you need some sexy new briefs,  boyshorts or even sports bras, why not check them out? 
While this next company currently only goes up to a XXL, their name caught my attention - Woxer. How cute! I bet you already know what they have...You guessed it, boxers for womxn! Woxer’s mission is also similar to HauteButch’s - to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. That is so important!! Every person should feel comfortable and confident in their body and having clothing companies like these can make a significant difference in someone’s self-esteem. 


Admittedly, this is not something I have personal experience with; HOWEVER, I always do thorough research in an effort to provide the best fashion info to my readers as possible. 
Having said that, while doing my research, I found out it is recommended not to exceed 8 hours a day in a binder and to go one day a week without it - if possible. 
Let’s say you work a 10 hour day and will be wearing your binder, physicians recommend having a few breaks throughout the day, and (no matter how long you wear it), always take a few deep breaths after you remove your binder so you can listen to your body. Is there any pain? If so, where? Also, deep breathing stretches parts of your body that have been compressed all day. While I’m sure some of you may already know these things, others may be afraid to ask. 
Ok so, where can we look for high-quality binders for curvy folx? 

Binder Brands 

gc2b is a company I came across a few months ago while researching a different topic, and when I was searching for companies, it was the first one on the list. Much like HauteButch, gc2b's founder truly understands the struggles, needs and desires of their customers. 
Founder, CEO + Designer, Marli Washington, founded the company in 2015 in an effort to provide safe, comfortable and accessible binding options for the queer community. Their sizing goes up to 5X, and, according to the website, their binders are the first “designed and patented specifically for gender-affirming chest binding.” 
Another amazing company to check out for binders is Shapeshifters. Owned by wives, Krista + Eli, Shapeshifters has been open since 2014 and prides themselves on being size-inclusive and gender affirming. We’d be super proud of that too!! This small company of 4 provides an unlimited size range - something I’ve literally never seen offered. AND allies can donate to help keep these binders financially accessible! (hint hint allies) Plus, their designs are super fun! You can pick what look you want on the fabric swatches page. Custom binder? YES PLEASE! 
While I acknowledge this is not by any means a complete list of options, this guide should help any curvy, queer trendsetter get started. 
What are your go-to brands?? Tell us in the comments!