Super Cool Mix & Match Tips for Tomboys

Super Cool Mix & Match Tips for Tomboys

Short hair and strong outfits - those are the first images people think of tomboy women. Amidst all the sweet and feminine girls, a short-haired girl wearing a blazer or gilet, oversized sweater, or simply a leather jacket with denim would be a special attraction. The tomboy style helps to strongly express the personality of the owner, giving you confidence and striking immediately.
However, it's not always easy to mix and match beautiful clothes in this style. The article will suggest some ways to help you have the "best" tomboy style.
1. A Pullover and a Shirt
Although this set is very simple, it allows you to show a lot of tomboy personality without being outdated. Textured pullover and ripped jeans are indispensable items for your youthful tomboy style. Along with T-shirts, checkered shirts, leather jackets and jeans or khakis, you can choose a cool hairstyle to enhance the strength of your appearance.
Moreover, dusty shorts or T-shirts with snapback hats also give you a very strange style that is both strong and charming.

2. Short and Oversized
The combination of shorts and oversized shirts is a simple tomboy set, yet always effective and stylish.

3. Make Friends with Sneakers

T-shirts having strong slogans or unique logos, jogger pants and sneakers are one of the prominent fashion trends of tomboy streetwear style. Let's combine a newsboi cap to make the outfit more interesting.

4. Unisex Accessories
Caps and oxford shoes are must-have fashion items when you want to create a "standard" tomboy/menswear outfit. Furthermore, you can choose some bracelets or rings either with impressive, masculine, and deep colors.

5. Unisex Clothes
Many tomboyish girls prefer unisex clothes. These types of clothing items can often have simple designs and stitching lines to suit all genders.

6. Baggy Jeans or Trousers
Cool baggy will no longer make you feel uncomfortable. Also, you can choose a pair of trousers to be more flexible.

7. Tuxedo

Tuxedos and elegant ties are always the traditional recipe for gentlemen at formal events. This winter, the Tuxedo style seems to be favored by many designers in new collections for all genders.

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