Style Icon: Lena Waithe

When searching for a queer style icon, my personal role model and designer of HauteButch – Karen- recommended Lena Waithe. Obviously, Karen has impeccable taste, but Lena is a perfect choice for so many reasons! Yes, she’s gorgeous, and her sense of style is pretty much flawless in every way; HOWEVER, did you know she is also the first Black woman to win an Emmy for her writing? Or that she is also a creator, producer and actress? You probably did, and if you didn’t, now you do. You’re welcome ?.
What I admire most is how she uses her talent and voice. In a recent interview with IndieWire, Lena said, “My thing is all we wanted to do is speak to a truth that was happening, which was that Black people are being killed by cops as if we’re not human. I didn’t want to look away from that, I didn’t want to shy away from that, because I thought it was my duty as an artist to reflect the times in which I lived.” I don’t know about you, but I was clapping on my couch as I read her interview.
Clearly, she’s an amazing woman worth the label icon! But, as the title states, we will be focusing on her fierce fashion abilities – from the runway to her every day looks. Who knows, maybe I’ll even show you where to snatch up some of her alluring outfits.


While there are infinite photos and outfits to choose from, this is one of my favorites. Not only does this make my heart happy because first of all, mirror selfie?! That alone makes this goddess seem almost like a normal person. Not to mention, have you seen the color of her suit? *melts into couch* This suit, designed by Richfresh, is on trend for fall 2020a bold color choice, and looks beyond AMAZING on her! And, it just so happens, I know where you can shop for looks like this! Whether you want a custom suit, that bold blue, or need to switch up your style with the checkered pattern, HauteButch has what you’re looking for!!


The second look on our list today is the classic, and oh so sexy, vest. If you can, stop staring at her perfect face, and check out her double-breasted black vest! It’s a challenge; I know, but so worth it! Vests make everything better. Want to show off your curves? Toss on a vest. Need to dress up your outfit on date night? The vest you secretly want but haven’t purchased yet…yup that one…it would look PERFECT, and your date would have zero complaints!  Dress it up or keep it casual. Vests are an essential for any wardrobe. Oh, and if you’re wondering, YES HauteButch also has plenty of vests to keep you looking stunning for any occasion!  


Finally, I LOVE this photo taken by Marteen de Boer on Lena’s Instagram page!! Sure, he’s a remarkable photographer, but it seems impossible to take a bad picture of her. Everything about this photo is perfect, especially that hatThe moment I saw it, I began wondering if I could pull it off. I can’t, but I’ve seen so many gorgeous women who can, and do! From models to customers and fans, the corporal fedora quickly became a favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Hats add the final touch to any outfit.  

Once again, HauteButch has proven itself to be the place to go for butch, androgynous and trans* style seekers demanding the latest fashion trends without having to sacrifice quality, form or fit.   
We want to hear from YOU! Who are your style icons?? Tell us in the comments!