Style Has No Gender

Throughout history men and women have blurred gender lines through beauty and fashion. Men have been wearing makeup since ancient times. We should be thanking ancient Egyptian men for the cat eye look and ancient Roman men for nail polish. Also, did you know high heels were originally made for men? Apparently, wearing high heels portrayed wealth, power and military prowess. The list goes on and on! So here we are, more than halfway through 2020, and for some reason beauty and fashion are still being gendered! Why?! It’s mind-blowing.  
Let’s start with the fact that gender identity exists as a social construct created by psychologists to study behavior and reinforced by a heterosexist society we now live in. Thankfully we are starting to understand more about gender, how it develops and making room for more valid identities and expression of our identitiesGiven the growth in understanding, it’s hard to imagine why there’s such a divide in other industries.
Thankfully, companies like HauteButch, who specializes in masculine apparel for women, are emerging and creating a space to blur all the lines. FINALLY people are starting to wear what makes them feel confident as opposed to what society says they “should” wear. The fashion industry is trying to keep up with the fluidity of gender because EVERYONE deserves to find clothes that fit their body and style. They also deserve a comfortable shopping experience and a chance to express themselves. It’s about having a chance to be seen for exactly who you are. 
So screw societal norms! Wear a suit if it makes you feel sexy. Rock suspenders or a vest and tie if that makes you feel confident. Break down all the walls, and express your true self. Style has no gender. Be fierce; be unique…be YOU.