Stems are Haute

I heard from a self-labeled stem that she feels a bit left out here. Where’s the stem love, she wanted to know. That’s a legitimate comment. With the butch-femme dynamic, sometimes the stems, who can sport both sides of that style fence, could feel left out.
We can’t have that.
Now obviously, HauteButch focuses on masculine couture. And sure, when all you stem kin out there feel like displaying their masculine-of-center side, HauteButch is clearly here for your needs. But what about those days when you feel the need to let that femme side shine?
Guess what? We got you there, too, with styles that can be mixed. It’s all about accessorizing and pairing certain items with others.
I mean…

Whoa. Oh, sorry. Lost my train of thought. This HauteModel shows a nice way to wear that jacket, am I right? Want to take it a step further onto the feminine side? Pair it with a skirt. Hot.

What about a vest? Vests are a nice addition to any wardrobe, honestly. They are versatile as can be. Dress up a dress down outfit in two seconds flat by popping a vest on over your duds. Vests can be worn over practically any type of top, and they blend nicely with a skirt, slacks, pants – hey, why not shorts?
The thing about the vest is it works with total butch, total femme, or somewhere in between – a nice way to add one item that works with multiple styles, depending on the look you are going for.
Not wanting to butch up your style that much? Allow me to propose some incredibly sexy stud jewelry. HauteButch offers plenty of options that are fire. Ear studs, bracelets, watches, sunglasses… the HB line is extensive, I tell you.

So all you fine stems out there could mix it up a bit and wear a femme outfit topped off with some hot accessories to give a nod to your MOC side.
My main point is this: HauteButch loves you all.
In case you missed the blog a few weeks back, founder Karen Roberts created HauteButch as a labor of love, and continues to seriously take your needs and comments into consideration. Please share your  thoughts below.
Check out the YouTube channel to get the inside scoop, and as always, please tag us when you post pictures of you looking fly in your HauteButch gear on social media. We love to see the comments you get in our gear!
Photography: Ivilson Luciano II #ivilocophotography