Short Sleeve Summer: The Power of Versatility

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s summertime, and that means heat. But just because the temperatures are high doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort or practicality when it comes to your fashion. Short-sleeve button up shirts make a great addition to your warm-weather attire, and they can be adapted to fit any occasion. It’s this versatility that makes it one of the most useful pieces in your summer wardrobe.
Want to see how you can adapt short sleeves to your needs? Read below to find out!

For Casual Fits

Zulu Palm Print HauteButch Short Sleeve Button Up ShirtWhen I say a casual fit, I’m talking beach vibes—not in a I’ve-worn-the-same-shirt-for-three-days-because-I’m-too-lazy-to-do-my-laundry kind of way, but more of a strolling-through-Malibu style. It’s brunch-wear, it’s beach-wear, and it’s everything in-between. Paired with a loose pair of canvas shorts and some flip flops, a button-up can be the key to establishing a fashionable yet lighthearted mood.

Suggested shirts for casual fits:

  • The Shore Leave Shirt: Available in a variety of light patterns and colors, the Shore Leave shirt was designed with summer in mind. Soft, flexible, and flattering, it’s a go-to for warm weather.
  • The Bravo Six Floral: There’s a reason “burst of fun” is in this shirt’s description. White with a thin floral design, it’s just asking to be paired with sunglasses and some sweet, summer activities.
  • The Zulu Palm Print: I mean, it’s got palm trees on it. What more could you ask for?

For Business-Casual Fits

Meeting a friend at a fancy coffee shop but also want to go clubbing later? We’ve got you covered. Try pairing one of these shirts with a pair of darker, form-fitting jeans and canvas derbies (and, if you’re feeling up to it, a pair of colorful socks!) for a look that’s serious, but not too serious.

Suggested shirts for business-casual fits:

  • The MIA Kitty Shirt: From a distance, it looks like a regular, stylish patterned shirt. Look closer, and you’ll see it’s covered in cats. Fun, but fancy—it’s the best of both worlds.
  • The Ensign Cotton Shirt: Exhibiting a dense collection of either floral or paisley patterning, the Ensign is luxurious and modern and can easily be incorporated within semi-formal outfit. Simply roll the sleeves up a bit for a more playful and versatile shirt.
  • The Infantry Two Tone Print Shirt: Feeling a little more flashy? The tipped collar, sleeves, and pocket of the Infantry Shirt contrast flawlessly to grab the attention of everyone around. Make room on the dancefloor, because this style is coming in hot.
Heads up: this fit also mixes perfectly with accessories such as fancier watches or bracelets like the Boatswain’s Mate Bangle.

For Smart-Casual Fits

Furlough Nautical HauteButch Short Sleeve Button Up ShirtIt’s a style that has many names, but the simplest way to describe this is one step above business-casual, but not quite formal. Typically not over-accessorized, this fit is simple, crisp, and down-to-business. Consider pairing these shirts with a pair of slacks or chinos and a classic derby shoe.

Suggested shirts for smart-casual fits:

  • The Bravo One: Simple and sleek, this is a trusted, go-to choice for smart-casual dress in the warmer months. Its pattern-less design is clean, fresh, and ageless, and it comes in a number of neutral tones, ensuring variety throughout your workweek.
  • The Furlough Nautical Shirt: The Bravo One’s snazzier older sibling, the Furlough Nautical features a minimalist anchor design and comes in two luxurious colors—copper and wine.
  • The Echo Stripe: Very similar to The Bravo One, the Echo Stripe maintains the same general colorways but features light, horizontal stripes for a little extra edge.
We’d love to see how you style your short-sleeve button up shirts. Tag us on Instagram @hautebutch to show off your fit!