Product Feature: The Garrison & Aviator Vests

[caption id="attachment_290353" align="alignleft" width="265"]HauteButch Garrison vest The Garrison Vest[/caption]
Another week, another product feature! Today, we’re taking a close look at both the Garrison Vest and the Aviator Ivory Cotton Vest, unique multitools in HauteButch’s extensive collection of tailored vests.
For centuries, vests have been a hallmark piece within formalwear. And, don’t get us wrong, we respect their importance in tying a suit together—our Ambassador Three-Piece Suit, for example, features a single-breasted, two-pocketed vest. Even without a suit, a vest can function as a luxurious addition to a crisp, long-sleeve shirt, fitting for any upscale occasion. For instance, our Yeoman Twill Double Breasted Vest fits exquisitely atop a CW Officer shirt or Garcon Minimalist Tux shirt.
[caption id="attachment_304046" align="alignright" width="220"]HauteButch Aviator Vest The Aviator Vest[/caption]
The Garrison Cotton Vest and the Aviator Cotton Vest check all the boxes for solid, formal pieces of attire. That said, they also stand out from their counterparts in that they’re just as effective when used as casual attire. That’s right—your vests don’t have to be saved for suit and tie parties; you can wear them on the daily.
The cotton material of both the Garrison and the Aviator Vests—contrasted with more formally-exclusive options like the Debutante Satin Shawl Vest—means they’re lightweight, breathable, and can easily be thrown over a short sleeve button-up, perfect for summer temperatures. In fact, both vests pair wonderfully over a t-shirt or on their own!
How do you wear your vests? Are you more of a formal or casual person? Let us know on Instagram at @hautebutch!