Product Feature: The Corporal Fedora

Cummerbund with Corporal FedoraWelcome to HauteButch’s new segment, Product Features, where we take a look at specific items, how they’re used in fashion, and how they can be applied to your wardrobe. This week, we’re diving into the deep end with the Corporal Fedora.
Infantry Two Tone HauteButch Short Sleeve Button Up ShirtThe Corporal Fedora’s elegant grandeur is sure to catch your eye, but don’t let that fool you—it’s an extremely versatile hat which can be made to fit casual wear, formal wear, and everything in-between.
For example, let’s say you’re going to a classy, tux-only event. You’ve got your three-piece suit on—or, maybe you’ve opted for a cummerbund set instead of a vest—your shoes are shined, and you’re ready to walk the red carpet. A fedora can actually be a fantastic addition to your outfit, helping to tie everything together—especially if it follows the same color styling as the rest of your suit.
On the other hand, let’s say you’re just planning on hitting the town on a Sunday morning. Maybe you’re not feeling like a button up. Instead, how about you throw on a black t-shirt, some soccer pants, and a pair of sneakers, and a stylish fedora—after all, if Ashlyn Harris can do it, then so can you! Feel free to accessorize with a bracelet or necklace of your choice.
How do you wear your fedora? Tag us on Instagram at @hautebutch and share your style!