Pink is the New Black

We begin at Pride
As you know from a previous blog post, I went to Chicago Pride this weekend. They had a booth giving out free Pride hats – blue, pink, and green.
“What color would you like?” The hat guy asked.
“Pink,” I said.
I had spent 20 minutes in line debating what color I was going to get, blue or green. And then at the moment of truth, “pink” pops up out of nowhere.
I blinked. The hat guy blinked. The butch a few people back in line blinked about three times. The young man right behind me also got a pink hat.
“I just came out three months ago,” he told me as we stood there admiring our matching hats. “I’m getting pink everything to bug my parents.”
I’m not trying to bug anybody. I just felt like pink was the right color at that moment.
What does this mean?
I’m learning to embracing the more delicate side of myself. For the longest time, I tried to be feminine and fit into the straight role that was laid out for me and that I adopted myself as an adult.
Then when I came out and could finally be butch, I felt weird wearing pink. I didn’t want anything low cut, too form-fitting – anything that accentuated curves had to go.
I feel like pink gets a bad rap from butches sometimes. Known as a more feminine color, it tends to turn off some butches, myself included.
But as I am finding my way in the world, I don’t feel like I have to be anyone other than who I really am.
HauteButch does pink
And then I came across HauteButch, the brand that seems tailor-made for me. I could be happy in just about every single piece of clothing HB has, accessories included.
Guess what? HauteButch has a lot of pink items for us. You can get a shirt that is all pink, or maybe just start small with a bow tie sporting pink accents.
The beauty of it is you can find what feels just right for just you. That’s all that matters. Find your style and own it. HauteButch is here for you. We got this.
And so here I go
Can I finally get some of those pink suspenders? Please and thank you. Because hey – I look good in pink, yo. It brings out the pink in my cheeks.
Pretty sure what with my short hair, no makeup, and strut, I can wear any color, even pink, and never be mistaken for anything other than who I am – me.
Are you with me?
Let’s hear your opinion. Do you wear pink? Why or why not? Don’t leave me hanging, fam!