Not Your Ordinary Tomboy Halloween Costumes

Halloween will be here before you know it - next Saturday to be exact. Are you ready? Is your costume ready too?? This year’s celebrations will be unlike previous years due to the pandemic we still find ourselves in, but that won’t stop us (or YOU) from going all out!! Whether you’re partying solo or celebrating virtually, we’ve got a few ideas to help you prepare for the best night of the year!
So, for all my Halloween loving procrastinators out there (you’re not alone!), here are some simple, but awesome, last minute tomboy costume ideas!

Rock an empowering classic with Rosie the Riveter

As many of you are aware, Rosie is the woman from the We Can Do It! poster from the World War II era. Originally, her poster was used as propaganda to encourage women to join the wartime effort. Over time though, Rosie transformed into a feminist icon, empowering women all over!
This timeless classic works across races, body types, and SOMETHING. Plus it’s super easy to create on your own! All you need is a pair of coveralls, a jumpsuit or even improvise with overalls, a red bandana and some boots - black or brown depending on your preference and what you may already have in your closet. Of course, you can also go the store bought costume route as well. Not all of us are great DIYers, and that’s ok!

Shane McCutcheon from the L word

Ok, ok. I know this is a bit of a throwback, but it’s a good one! Without Shane in my life, who knows how long it would have taken me to come out! Kidding...sort of. I’m not quite sure what it is about her, but women fall left and right for Shane - even now! Having said that, Alex from Orange is the New Black (OITNB) can totally be substituted here, if she matches your vibe.
Shane is definitely an easy DIY costume, and you probably already have enough pieces to put something together waiting in your closet! If you’re headed to a party this halloween why not try her black suit with a white button down and skinny tie? OR jeans with a solid tee, hoodie and denim jacket to finish the look for our more casual readers.
There are so many options for Shane! You should even go with relaxed fit jeans, a graphic tee and a blazer or a raglan with loose fitting jeans. Not sure what a raglan is? That’s ok! It’s a ¾ or long sleeve tee that’s one color in the middle with a different color for the sleeves. They’re most commonly associated with baseball.
Pick any outfit from ANY season or episode of the L Word or even the L Word: Generation Q to create a Shane that works best for you.

Poussey Washington from OITNB

Speaking of characters from popular TV shows, it would be downright irresponsible for me to not at least mention OITNB. While Poussey may not be the most obvious choice, she is the perfect one! Maybe because she was more relatable? I’m not sure, but I know she deserves a spot on this list!
While her costume may not be as exciting, it is probably the easiest last-minute costume idea. All you need are a pair of tan scrubs, a long sleeve white shirt OR a light grey sweatshirt - no hood of course and some shoes. Does it really get any easier??
Almost any of the OITNB ladies can be created using similar materials, so don’t feel limited to just one!!

Jill Holtzmann from “Ghostbusters”

Honestly who doesn’t love a person with a great sense of humor?? I’ve certainly never met one!  While Kate McKinnon has a number of GREAT characters to choose from, this is certainly a favorite of many, and, like Shane, there are multiple options to create a brilliant Jill costume.
A couple of my personal favorites include the jumpsuit with either yellow tinted glasses or goggles, black, fingerless leather gloves and one of her handy proton packs. There’s also her chaotic but somehow awesome look consisting of overalls (with paint on them for an extra authentic touch), army green tee (she’s in a crop top, but a regular tee is completely acceptable too!), black leather jacket, goggles or yellow tinted glasses, burgundy, leather fingerless gloves, and - of course - a can of original Pringles. Can’t forget those!
For those of us who aren’t blonde, a wig would be super helpful! And, as with all costumes, you can easily find this costume online or in stores.

Icon of Your Choice

Halloween is a time to transform - be someone else for a night if you will. So why not become one of your icons? Obviously everyone is going to have their own icons, and I can’t realistically predict them all, so I picked a few that are relatively simple but fun.
First up is Lena Waithe, style icon of our Founder, Designer + CEO Karen. If you need some inspiration, head over to her Instagram. There are soooo many options! Make a statement by re-creating her 2018 Met Gala outfit. All you need is a black suit, classic, white button down with black dress shoes and her EPIC rainbow cape. Talk about a show stopper!
Next up is blues singer, pianist, and entertainer Galdys Bentley. Make everyone stop + stare by dressing up as this iconic stud! You’ll be dressed to the nines in a top hat, all white or black tux with a white button-down shirt, dress shoes (of course), and a cane or walking stick. Hit up a thrift store or rent a tux for the night if you don’t have one lying around. Ladies will be falling all over you!!
Etta Place, or actress Katherine Ross playing Etta Place, is the next iconic woman on our list. If you’re unfamiliar with Etta Place, that’s ok! She’s rumored to be part of the Wild Gang, which was an outlaw gang in the old west who rode with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Being the only woman (that we know of) in the gang makes Etta one tough woman and earns her a spot on this list. Yes, she wore dresses at times, but that’s not the look we’re going for here. What you’ll need for her iconic look (from the movie and old photos) is a suede blazer or jacket (preferably oversized), a white button-down, cowboy boots and a gambler hat.
There are so many other strong, powerful women to dress up as this Halloween so don’t worry if none of these listed fit your style or vibe. Keep looking!

Becky “Icebox” O’Shea from Little Giants

I know I can’t be the only one who watched the Little Giants and thought “OMG, Becky is me!” Or maybe I was? Either way, this feisty gender-bending leading lady who wanted nothing more than to play football (again, oh so relatable!) is a great choice for a throwback to the 90s.
Grab an old baseball cap (navy blue if you’re going for an authentic look), a white baseball jersey and pair it with a red long sleeve shirt, red socks and finally finish it off with shorts that fall just above the knee. I don’t really think they make the exact shorts from the movie, but cargo or basketball shorts should do the trick! Or go with one of her football looks -  just shoulder pads with a tee shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers for practice or a plain red jersey, number 56, football pants and sneakers.
This list is nowhere near complete, but it’s a great starting point!! If you're heading out of the house this year, don't forget to bring your mask!
What are you going as this year?? Share with us in the comments.