Mix n' Match Fashion

Okay, so first of all, this is not a trip to the eye doctor, but there is going to be a lot of “A or B” type of thoughts going on. Consider yourselves warned, my people.
Here’s the thing. For some of you fine folk, choosing your outfit is as easy as blinking, but for me and those like me, the art of knowing what looks good does not come naturally.
While dressing for important occasions, my entire wardrobe goes flying. I swear I put on seventeen things before settling on what to wear.

The agony.
Hopefully I’m not the only one who goes through this ordeal. Please tell me I’m not alone…
Need help? Yeah, same.
Let’s take a look at some Mix n’ Match outfits here. What follows are some side-by-side pics of models doing it up right. We’ll discuss what works and why.
If you follow HauteButch on social media, you will have seen this photo recently. (And if you don't, um...? I'll wait.)
ANYway, here we have two fine HB models dressed to impress. Left rocks a sweet bowtie; on the right, we see a sharp necktie. Which works best?
Depends on the occasion and your mood. I feel like bowties call for a strong attitude -- but so do neckties, though, right? What is the determining factor between the two?
Next up: The ever-stylish Foxtrot shirt, sported by two cool HauteButch models.
#1 shows the shirt with a black vest. #2 shows the opposite look. Note how the white vest pops the collar's color, while the black vest seems to blend it in, minimizing it.
Also worth noting is that both models have the same black boutonniere pin, which makes me think that there's a vital part of a complete wardrobe that I am currently missing.
Do you have a lapel pin? Not the point here, but a valid question nonetheless. Main point: Black vs. White. Compare and Contrast.
This brings us to our next comparison. This one is a bit more fluid, as we like to be here at HauteButch. We see two models in neckties and slacks. Both are in the classic "cool kid" pose with hands in pockets. Excellent, yes?
The model on the right goes with just the shirt and tie, while the model on the left adds a jacket. 
Now clearly, weather plays a role in this decision, but I think style choice has more to do with this. Destination is key in making this call. Where are you going and what are you doing? How do you feel?
The best thing about this comparision is that you can easily add or remove the jacket. Boom. Done.
For our final look, I decided to mix it up and give you three models here.
All three are looking mighty fine in their button-up shirts, and they are all quite similarly accessorized, but there are some differences, yes? 
Left: Vest, no tie. Middle: Tie, suspenders, no vest. Right: Suspenders, no vest, no tie.
All of these looks are nice. The addition or removal of the accessories is what makes the outfits, though. Accessorizing is the key that tailors these looks to whatever is happening wherever these models might be heading.
I guess we're back to my siren song... Accessories are life.
Do you have any tips or helpful hints you'd like to share? Please do. We can all learn from each other and step up the style games.