A Hot Hautebutch Model Extravaganza

Gather round, my people. I have to apologize to you all, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart.
Several blog readers let me know that I failed you last week. There were not nearly enough hot Hautebutch models to satisfy their needs, they told me. Not even close.
As much as I hate to admit it, my readers are correct. I let you down.
In an effort to right my wrongs, I have decided to convert this week’s blog into a Hautebutch model showcase extravaganza.
*Disclaimer: No one affiliated with Hautebutch is responsible for the drool on your laptops/phones/whatever device you are using to eye this candy.

Wait just a minute, you masculine-of-center readers might be thinking. Hold up. What about me? No worries, my friends. Here’s the thing-- readers are clamoring for more Hautebutch models. You, butches, studs, and tomboys, transmen and androgynous, label-less and more-- you can scroll through and find what it is that works so well for these models.
Attitude. Style. Fashion sense. Dressed to the nines. Scratch that… dressed off the charts. The words are for you, my fellow MOC folk.
Now get ready, because it is about to rain some Hautebutch models, yo.
Check out hot stuff here. Casual, cool, calm, sizzling. This androgynous outfit may seem effortless, but trust-- it takes planning and preparation. The racerback tank is just fitted enough to show the HB model's frame, but loose enough to keep it casual.
You'll want to pair the tank with a color on the opposite side of the color wheel (see more about colors in last week's blog), like these shorts that polish off the look.

Okay, so this model is so Haute that I had to go with an entire collage to show off the mad style going on here.
Sure, it's a great shirt, paired with good-looking white slacks. But look closely, my people. Note the tie. The eye-catching vest. When dressing your best, it's all about the details.

Don't go out wearing this hot tomboy fashion unless you are fast on your feet, because looking this good could cause people to swoon. Luckily, this outfit is loose-fitting so you can get there in time to save the day.
Note again that this style depends on attention to detail. White/black top to bottom, and boom. Ready to turn heads.

This model looks all focused in on something, a quiet smile on their face. You know why? They know they look good.
Confidence can afford to be quiet when you look this good, my friends. A bowtie casually thrown around the neck, the shirt collar popped up. One word for this look: Hot. 
Cadet Shirt by Hautebutch. Button up with Navy Horizontal lines. Tomboy, Butch style.
Five words come to mind when looking at this Hautebutch model: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.
Once again, take note of details. This model has all buttons done up, made sure to get the right size, didn't shop in the men's department for this look. How do you know for sure? Because it fits. Slims the curves up top. Smooth lines make for a smooth look.

Okay, so granted, this hot model is on a runway. That would explain the poise, the bravado, the energy that makes this look just pop.
And yes, I will admit it. This one is for the people who wanted more-- those who cried out for MORE hot Hautebutch models.
However, this just goes to show that no matter what the occassion, no matter where you go sporting your Hautebutch wardrobe, confidence is a key component. I don't know about you all, but I feel the most confident when I am dressed well.

Here's one last hot Hautebutch model for you to take some fashion tips from. Check the attitude one last time. Simple yet striking black T, a pair of awesome shades, and attitude for days.
This is how it is done, my friends. This.
For my readers with a grudge from last week, I hope this Hautebutch model storm has appeased you. Please continue to let me know what you think. Leave us a comment, drop us a note, get in touch.
As for the MOC folk, tag us in your Hautebutch attire pics on social media! Let the world see that you, too, are a hot Hautebutch.