HauteButch's Guide to Interview Attire

Interviews can be overwhelming. You have to figure out what to wear, how to do your hair, what questions will they ask, rehearse how you’ll answer them…YIKES! So many things to worry about! Fortunately, the internet has a ton of resources to help prepare for an interview, including what to wear if you’re planning a “traditional” interview outfit, BUT where are the guides for how a queer style seeker should dress for an interview?! Or how an androgynous tomboy should style their hair that day? Well, it’s right here of course! ?

Virtual Interviews

Given the current state of things, many interviews will be held via Zoom or some other form of video chat. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we get to show up in jammies for the interview. Disappointing, I know! BUT it is so much easier to get ready for a virtual interview than anything in person because your main focus is on what shirt to wear. Having said that, please make sure to at least wear some type of pants, just in case.
For your video interview, feel free to take some risks and have fun with your outfit choice, while keeping it professional. Always make sure your top has a collar. This includes polos, short sleeve and long sleeve button down tops. Classic tees aren’t quite dressy enough, sorry! Don’t worry though, you can wear patterns, fun colors, and you don’t even need a tie!!

Business Casual

Next, we will get you ready for an in-person interview. Business casual attire is appropriate for industry, outdoor, lab, or chef positions. Some offices will accept business casual attire for an interview, like a start-up or a tech company; however, if you are interviewing for a management position at any of these types of companies, go ahead and make your way down to the professional section.
Business casual interviews still allow for some freedom and self-expression despite having some guidelines on what to wear. As with virtual interviews, collared shirts – polos, short and long-sleeved button downs – are a must! Toss in a fun pattern or rock your favorite color, and combine it with a fresh pair of khakis or slacks. Ties are optional, but always a welcome addition! Why not sport a bow tie with a jacket or vest for some fun with a classy twist?


Finally, for a more professional interview look, HauteButch STILL has you covered! Seriously, is there anything they don’t have?!
General guidelines for professional interviews include solid colors such as black, white, navy blue, burgundy, and grey. Small, un-distracting patterns are OK too, but keep these to a minimum. Maybe save the pattern for your tie! Don’t forget a sports jacket and slacks or suit pants for your professional interview, as these will be expected.


I don’t know about you, but accessories are the hardest part of putting together an outfit for me. Thankfully, accessorizing for an interview is rather simple. Opt for a trendy set of suspenders if vests aren’t your thing, and grab a pair of cuff links if you choose a long-sleeved button-down shirt. Don’t forget a belt – make sure it matches your outfit!! – and finish it off with a stylish watch.


Last, but not least, hair! Arguably the most important, and time consuming, part of interview prep. Everyone has a unique style and look they want, so this section will cover the basics. Whether your hair is long, short or anything in between, make sure it stays out of your eyes. Eye contact is incredibly important, so let your potential future boss see ‘em! Also, take the time to actually style your hair. Bed head doesn’t count as an interview appropriate “style”. For shorter hair, try something over to the side or combed back. If your hair is a bit longer, tuck it behind your ear or try an easy, but sophisticated low pony.
Feeling any better about your upcoming interview?? I hope so! We’ve got everything you need to help you rock it!! If not, what did we miss? Leave us a comment below!