Hautebutch Saves the Day

This one is a doozy of a blog post. A whole new product line, a tale of woe, a happy ending... but first off, let me give the fans what they want. That's right, I heard you, and I listen. You want more of the Hautebutch models. So here you go.

Now calm yourselves and get ready to listen, because it is true confession time. I messed up big-time last weekend, fam. I’m talking an epic fail. You’ve heard the term “wardrobe malfunction” before, right? I had a major one.
I can’t believe I’m about to put this out into the world, but you know what? You all need to hear this so you can avoid making the same mistake, and I need to say this so I will correct myself and get right. Let me paint this picture for you…
I like a local band that has a huge following, and I try to make it out as often as I can. They played last Saturday, so I dug through my closet for something to go out looking fine in. I had nothing to wear.
Nada. As in, nada thing to wear, because despite the fact that I seriously just wrote a blog post about the necessity of having a strong butch wardrobe ready for any occasion – I didn’t. Zero excuses I had.
I’ll tell you more about the weekend in a minute, but first I must lay some good news down: I can do something to prevent this from happening again, and you can prevent it from happening to you, ever. How, you ask?
Hautebutch’s new clothing line, that’s how. Check out this madness, my friends. Take a look at these stylish shirts coming hot off the press. Any one of these shirts is exactly what I needed on Saturday. One of these fine new shirts would have taken my look from sharp to razor sharp.
Here’s why the Cadre would have made all the difference in my ability to look on point – check out that fit. There I was, bumming around, when I could have planned ahead and ordered this attention-grabbing shirt made just for the likes of me. I have curves – curves that I do not flaunt. Curves this shirt is made to tame. I mean, look at those lines!
These new shirts are slim, trim, and look incredible. A person decked out in one of these new Hautebutch shirts is ready to see and be seen. Anywhere.
The Cadre is impeccable. The colored yoke makes the shirt. I love the way it shows even under a vest, calling out the detail of the shirt. This one is ready to roll out, so order it now and start that trend.
Now here are some hidden gems (coming soon) that I have been given a sneak peek at, and let me tell you, I had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard. I want! I want!
The Port Side brings casual up to not the next level but beyond any level. This is the kind of shirt I need to have several of, because I could rock this out at the movies with friends, at brunch with a date, or under a stylish suit jacket for an evening out.
Here’s the CW Officer. Take a look at those buttons. I’m a button geek, I guess, but hey. The clean lines of this shirt make those buttons pop.
Now the Major, with the cuffs and color-- wow. It might just be me, but I do not see this kind of sleek style anywhere else. I am in love with this shirt.
Or am I in love with the Master Sergeant? Okay, I will admit it. I’m in love with them all. The Master Sergeant's center box pleat and two buttons on the cuffs do me in.

Oh, you wanted short sleeves? No problem. Hautebutch is here for you. Check out the Liberty shirt -- could there be a better name for a shirt that frees you up to look fabulous anywhere you go? Doubtful.
Enough of these new shirts for now -- back to my tale of woe. I haven't yet revealed all that happened last weekend. I’m telling all here, people.
I had no fine Hautebutch shirt for the concert, remember? So I left a bit early, planning to stop by an old faithful store to pick up a shirt on the way. I had shopped this store before, and they always had one rack of shirts that would do in a pinch.
Guess what? Nope. I wasn’t about to shop the flowery shirts in the women’s department. A salesman came up – in my desparation, I had wandered into the men’s department. He asked if he could help me. Those shirts don't fit. There was no helping this poorly-dressed procrastinator.
I ended up wearing my backup shirt, went to hear the band, ran into practically everyone I know in the community, and had a good time despite my lack of preparation, and despite not looking as good as I wanted to.
To be a hot butch/eye-catching stud/androgynous looker/cool tomboy/sexy transguy/[insert preferred label here, or better yet, no label at all], you’ve just got to have it together. Or at least, I do. I want to look good out there, especially out with the community, you know? My people.
True confession, which my wardrobe malfunction story totally verifies: I’m not a clothes horse. I like to look good, but I don’t like to put a lot of time and effort into it. Hautebutch came and saved me. These fine new shirts will skyrocket my look with ease. Join me in my quest to go from sharp to razor sharp.
I think the Port Side might be my new all-time favorite shirt. Which of these catches your eye?