HauteButch Holiday Outfit Guide

Holiday season is in full swing, and this year we will be celebrating in a very different way. Many of us will be staying in and “visiting” with family and/or friends virtually. For some, this will be a more relaxing and laid back way to spend the holidays, and for others, spending time in person with family and/or friends is the most important part. We may not be able to help or change these things, but Hautebutch will still be here - in the group for our members and on social media for our customers and fans.   
While how we spend and celebrate this year may be different, a couple things will remain the same - figuring out what to wear and what to buy loved ones. These things we CAN help with. Keep reading to find the perfect outfit for your virtual parties, and check back next week for the ultimate HauteButch Gift Guide. 
Whether you’re staying home or having an intimate holiday celebration this year, outfit choice is still key! A few initial aspects to consider include - the “dress code”, virtual vs in person, the size of the get together. HauteButch has all your holiday outfit needs covered!! 
Let’s get started! 
“Dress Code” 
Holiday parties may not have an official “dress code”, but there is usually an expected way of dressing. This can range from casual to formal, and should be the first thing to consider. Yes, the other two categories are important, BUT the unofficial dress code for the event will still take precedence.
Given the nature of the holidays this year, casual may be the most common outfit option. Thankfully, this is the easiest and most fun category. You can pretty much wear whatever you want from ugly holiday sweaters to your jammies! Jeans, joggers, even your favorite pair of sweats are acceptable for a (virtual) casual party. If you’re going to an in-person party, maybe leave the sweats at home. Tops include tees -  like henleys, thermals or even a decent graphic tee -  sweaters, hoodies or your holiday themed pj top. Have fun with casual attire, and remember, this category is about comfort!! 
Formal party attire ranges from full two or three piece suits to slacks and a button down. The main things to keep in mind for formal get-togethers are to make a complete outfit, and don’t forget your accessories! Skinny ties, suspenders, bow ties, even cufflinks - it’s all about the details in this category. 
And finally, the ambiguous in-between “dress code.” There are a wide range of options for this category, so it can be challenging to navigate. The key is to really know the group you’ll be interacting with as well as the environment. For example, a work party at a restaurant would be different than an intimate gathering of close friends at home. 
Options for an informal, but not casual, holiday party include sweaters - ugly holiday sweaters, cardigans, or lightweight crewnecks - button downs, polos, and possibly classic solid tees (with the right accessories). Pants range from dress jeans, joggers or chinos to slacks.  
Virtual vs In Person
The next thing to consider this season is where the event will take place - in person or online. Virtual get-togethers are the safer option and probably most common during the pandemic; however, there will be some individuals who will maintain the in-person tradition. 
In Person 
The biggest difference between in person and virtual parties - other than obviously physically being there vs not - is whether or not you need a complete outfit. Obviously you’d want to make sure everything from your hair to your shoes are on point...we do too! So, for in person events style your hair, layer and accessorize, and make sure your shoes go with your outfit. Need some help with shoes? Check out my previous blog for tips on selecting the picture-perfect pair!   
Much like casual dress codes, virtual festivities leave lots of room for creativity and FUN! Show up in briefs and a sweater (just remember to stay seated!) or toss on a blazer with a cute bow tie and some sweats or pj bottoms. Don’t forget your slippers and favorite socks - if you’re anything like me, they will have something crazy on them! 
Sky’s the limit for virtual celebrations, so play around with patterns, textures, and combinations!! Don’t hold back!
Large vs Small Parties 
And FINALLY, the size of the gathering will make a difference in what you choose to wear. 
Your comfort level and feelings about the number of people in attendance directly affect the amount of pressure you feel to dress certain ways. For example, I feel more pressure to look perfect in a large group than in an intimate group of family or friends. My fiance is the exact opposite! Figures, right? So whether you feel lots of pressure, or none, the most important thing to keep in mind is to be authentic and comfortable with your outfit.
Large Gatherings 
For large gatherings, dress code makes a big difference. While it may be easier to “blend in”, the expectations may be higher - especially if it is a professional holiday event. Consider the noted or unspoken dress code and environment when selecting your attire. For instance, wearing sweats at a business casual gathering would be a no-no or wearing a three-piece suit while others are in tees and joggers may bring unwanted attention. 
Small Gatherings 
Anything selected for a smaller get together may be more noticeable; however, if you’re with close friends or family members who aren’t concerned with your outfit, you can relax and put comfort first. As with a large gathering, take dress code and setting into consideration. 
Did we forget anything? What did you pick out?? We want to see YOUR outfits! Hop into our private FB group & share your looks!!