HauteButch Holiday Gift Guide

Last week, we discussed how to dress for holiday get togethers, and now (as promised), it’s time for our exclusive queer gift guide!!  Our primary goal is to keep our readers fashionable AND confident in their own skin. With our help, you can give the folx in your life the PERFECT present this year! 
The first (and probably most thought about) part of buying a gift for a loved one is the cost. Is this worth it? Can I afford it? Times are tough, especially this holiday season. We get it! And that’s why our gift guide includes a range of prices, rather than the most expensive option available. Gift giving with you in mind ❤️


Christian Louboutin once said, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” A man after my own heart! Shoes are an essential part of any outfit. They can dress up jeans, dress down chinos, or be the statement piece of an outfit. Yes, I LOVE shoes, but they can be tricky to shop for. 
While doing research for our gift guide, I stumbled upon an amazing company - Tomboy Toes. 
Much like HauteButch, this company designs masculine styles for queer style seekers! Their founder, Lauren Craig, faced a similar problem HauteButch founder, Karen Roberts, faced - frustration and disappointment when searching for products that fit their body and style. Out of this frustration, HauteButch & Tomboy Toes were born, one focuses on apparel and the other shoes. Is there a better match?? 
Both companies create an inclusive space in the fashion landscape, and I am so excited to share this company with y’all!  Tomboy Toes carries boots, various dress shoes, even shoes accessories! If your loved one is ready to step up their shoe game, this is a great place to start! 

Hair Products

Finding the right hair product is an incredibly personal journey, usually riddled with bad hair days until you find the right fit. As someone with curly, frizzy, mixed hair, I’ve had my share of “bad” hair days! 
Keeping this in mind, we tried to include a little something for everyone. If we left something out, or you use an awesome product not listed, hop into the Facebook Group and share it with us, or leave a comment below! 

Natural Products

VERB has a wide range of styling products - including shampoos, conditioners, styling products, even hair masks! It gets better! Their products are paraben, sulfate and gluten free, AND their items won’t break the bank. Curly hair? They’ve got you. Flat hair? Yup...they’ve got you too. Need a sculptor? Try their forming fiber or sculpting clay. 
Pretty great right? 
Head over to their website, take a hair quiz, and browse their gift guide
Original Sprout Natural Styling Balm is another great, natural styling option. This hypoallergenic balm is vegan, free of gluten and hormone disrupters and boasts a firm, smooth hold.  
Start-to-Finish Styling
Similar to VERB, Mixed Chicks offers start to finish hair products. You can shop by hair type - straight, wavy, curly or coil - or by products. Not only is their stuff affordable (prices ranging from about $6-$15), it can easily be found on their website, Amazon, or locally at beauty stores, drugstores, Target and Walmart. 
Ruezel products are a bit more expensive than previously listed items; however, they are still tight-budget friendly. Their grooming tonics, shampoos and sprays can be used in the beginning stages of hair prep, while their pomade and creams are great for perfecting short styles. Prices range from about $10-$20. 

Creams, Clays + Pomades 

As with any other styling product, these will also require some trial + error as everyone’s hair is unique. Texture, oily/dryness, frizz, length, and desired style should all be taken into consideration when purchasing creams, clays or pomades. 
Here are a few to check out:  


Cologne and/or perfume is a bit more challenging when you have a tight-budget; however, they make great holiday gifts + usually last quite a while! 
I’m not really one for cologne or perfume as I’m incredibly sensitive to smell, so I had to do some research. There was quite a range in prices, so I would suggest shopping around before committing to your fragrance of choice. Also, if you can, test it before buying. Some scents will be overpowering while others may smell different once they’ve settled. 


For folx who prefer a more masculine scent, here are a few suggestions. Acqua Di Gio by Armani - a personal favorite. My best friend in college wore this, and any time the bottle got low, it somehow ended up at my place so I could just smell it. The feminine companion, Acqua Di Gioia, is pretty amazing too! 
Jean Paul Gaultier actually made a unisex fragrance, Gaultier 2, which is worth a smell even though it is less “affordable” than the masculine counterpart - Le Male. Both fragrances share vanilla undertones with a hint of strength and sensuality. Intriguing!!  
Burberry The Beat closes out our list of fragrances to consider, and it comes in a perfume and cologne. The Beat perfume claims to have a “woody, floral scent,” which works great as a unisex scent. The Beat cologne has a richer, woodland scent with spicier ingredients like black pepper. 


Not your typical holiday gift, hats are a fun way to mix it up this year. For colder climates, opt for beanies. These can be run-of-the-mill beanies, slouchy, or something with a fun pattern or addition (like a puff ball on top).  For the outdoorsy or athletic people in your life, a fresh snapback or baseball cap is a great option! Flat caps, or ascot hats, and wide-brimmed fedoras are perfect options for fashionable folx. 
This is by no means a complete list of gifts for the season, but it’s a starting point for the queer style seeker in your life. 😘 What’s on your wishlist this year? We’d love to hear from you!