Going Against the Grain

A friend of mine once said, “if the youth stop listening to punk, how will they know to fight the man?” Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to swap their saxophone for an electric guitar, but the core of the conversation rings true—whether in music, politics, or fashion, change is not the result of following the status quo. Rather, it’s those who “fight the man,” who swim against the current, that we value as the great leaders of our history and the drivers of positive change in our present and futures.
In the world of style, the expectations and trends set by the masses exist in the same way that they do in any other community. And, just like their counterparts in other industries, these trends and rulebooks lack representation on multiple fronts.
From the very inception of the industry in the western world, fashion has been gendered. Beyond just that, it’s been gendered along polarized standards; according to this unofficial (but unfortunately very popular) rulebook, men stayed traditionally masculine and women followed suit with inversely feminine clothing, recognizable by their cropped waists and other unnatural and uncomfortable design choices.
To be a woman was to live on one end of this false dichotomy, subjugated by man; the gender norms enforced by public appearance only served to reinforce what was expected of women: weakness, fragility, and submission. Any variation from this two-pronged norm, any mix of the two general “styles,” was considered deviancy.
Hautebutch does not only look to bridge the gap between the traditionally masculine and feminine, but to eliminate the perception that the two were polar opposites in the first place. We are coming to acknowledge that, just like sexuality and gender, fashion is not as simple as A or B; furthermore, there is no right or wrong because who you are and how you express yourself is not a dichotomy.
In this ever-evolving world, we hope to provide you with the resources to be who you truly want to be. HauteButch was founded against the grain, against typical business and fashion standards, rebelling against gender norms. It was created to give people a means through which to express who they are to the world and, maybe just as importantly, find a community of individuals who dare to be bold, brave, and fierce.
Queer, ally, or otherwise, we all strive for community. As human beings, a sense of belonging is not only what draws us to our friends and loved ones—it’s what helps us find our place in society and feel comfortable in the grand rollercoaster of our lives. Community, regardless of its physical location, is welcoming, grounding, and safe, and we all deserve to have it in our lives.
So, for all who are reading: we understand you and we’re here for you. Through thick and thin, through past struggles and those yet to come, we will make it through, and together, we can change the world.
With peace, love, and solidarity,

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