Gentlewomxn's NYE Outfit Guide

2021 is right around the corner, and we are so ready to celebrate the end of 2020!! But, as with all things 2020, New Year’s celebrations may look a little different this time. They may be much less crowded than what you’re used to, require masks and “social distancing”, or even virtual. 
So how do you dress for NYE festivities like these? 
How does effortlessly elegant sound? We promise it’s easy! 


As with any outfit, start with your essentials: tops and pants. But what are appropriate essentials for ringing in the new year? First and foremost, what you feel comfortable and confident in! If you get nothing else from this article, I sincerely hope you choose an outfit that feels authentic and gives you the glow of confidence. 
Having said that, let’s dive in and pick the perfect NYE outfit! 


No matter how casual or dressy the event, button downs are versatile enough to work in any situation! For a more casual event, experiment with patterns and textures. Dress it up with slacks and proper accessories (don’t worry I’ll cover accessories soon!), or if you’re headed to a black tie affair, opt for a solid button up under your suit/tuxedo jacket. A great “in between” outfit would be dress jeans, a solid button down, and coordinating shoes. 


Pant selection is a much easier task because there aren’t quite as many options. These will also depend on the type of event you’re going to. Virtual? Great! Toss on some sweats, pjs or whatever you feel the most comfortable in. Casual get together? Give dress jeans or a pair of chinos a try. Black tie? Well, you really only have one option here...slacks. Simple, right? Like I said earlier, effortless 😘


And finally, shoes are here to finish off outfit essentials. This is where it can get a little tricky, especially if shoes aren’t quite your thing. Luckily, I covered shoes and how to pair them in a previous post. Check it out

Statement Pieces 

Need help styling your vest? As with all things fashion, we’ve got you! Click here to learn more about how to style your vest. 
Suit and/or tuxedo jackets are GREAT statement pieces. You can add a pop of color, elevate the entire outfit, and stylishly keep warm during these cold winter months. The best part? You can take it off once you’re inside & a jacket instantly elevates any outfit. Wearing dress jeans and a button down? Great! Toss on your jacket and go from casual to festive/semi-formal. Add a boutonnière pin for a show-stopping look. You’ve got this!
The most important thing to remember about statement pieces: this is where you make the outfit more YOU. 


Anyone remember Annie and the song “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”? While it’s a super cute song, I have to disagree & say you’re never fully dressed without the perfect set of accessories. True, it doesn’t have the same ring to it, buuut the right accessories can make an outfit, which (hopefully) will lead to a smile. So win-win! 
Accessories cover so many items, recently including masks! Don't forget yours...look sharp, stay safe!!
Now, let’s break down potential accessories. 


With it being winter, scarves and gloves seem like the most logical place to start. Personally, scarves are one of my favorite parts of winter. There’s something about wrapping my favorite, purple infinity scarf around my neck as I’m heading out. Scarves and gloves add a nice finishing touch while providing comfort and warmth. Is there anything better?? I think not! 


Hats are also a necessary accessory for a winter party. Beanies are suitable for more casual gatherings - beware of hat hair! Fedoras lend a flawless finishing touch to festive, casual or semi-formal party apparel. The combinations for fedoras are practically endless! Dress jeans, solid button down, vest or chinos,  solid tee, jacket, OR two piece suit. So versatile!!  

Ties + Suspenders  

Ties and suspenders are great accessories when you want to dress up a more casual look. Mix and match colors, patterns and fabrics or select a solid that really goes with your look. Want to really turn some heads? Try out a collar bar - with or without a tie. 


And finally, finish off any look with proper jewelry, unless you’re not into jewelry, which is ok too! Either way, here are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the event, outfit as a whole, and your skin tone when selecting earrings. 
What patterns, textures, or colors will you be wearing? Will that necklace clash with the pattern of your shirt or your shirt/tie combo? Simple jewelry, like these, work better with “busy” patterns or items made with heavy fabric. On the other hand, more showy pieces work great with solids. 
What is your skin tone? Silver jewelry is a fairly standard metal color, which compliments most natural tones. Gold jewelry compliments those with darker hair and warmer skin tones. 
Accessories can be a pain at times, but they are definitely worth the effort when putting together the perfect outfit for a night "out"!
When all else fails, recruit help. Schedule a virtual shopping consultation or personal shopping appointment. Work with experts, like HauteButch owner and designer, Karen Roberts. Who wouldn’t want a personal concierge on their NYE party fashion journey?? 
What will you be wearing for NYE 2020?? Show us pics in the comments or hop over to our private Facebook group and share your look!! We can’t wait to see how AMAZING everyone looks ringing in the new year.