Finding Your Tie

As we all know, accessories can make or break an outfit. And, while we’ve previously written about how you can upgrade your style with jewelry, hats, and other accessories, this week is focused entirely on ties.
Ties come in a variety of different styles for a variety of different purposes, and we’re here to help you decide when and how you should be accessorizing your collar for every occasion.

Navy Dot Necktie HauteButchNeckties

Traditionally, neckties were the cornerstone of business attire. While this may still be the case in certain circles, they are by no means limited to the strictly formal. In fact, skinny ties have become central to casualwear, especially within the androgynous space. Fun prints, whether it’s flowers, stripes, or otherwise, make the skinny tie a centerpiece in your casual wardrobe.
That said, donning a fun, summer floral print may not be what you need for your interview or business meeting. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well. Spice up that crisp, white shirt with a more formal, patterned tie such as the Royal Canine, or combo the clean-cut Cerulean with a patterned dress shirt for a serious, down-to-business look.

Purple Majesty Bow Tie HauteButchBow Ties

If bow ties are more your style, we’ve got your back. While bow ties are not extremely commonplace in business attire, they are an exceptional addition to formal attire for a dinner party or other major event. Often paired with a tux shirt, suspenders, and/or a tuxedo jacket, bow ties such as the Purple Majesty are sure to leave an impression.
Interested in something slightly less formal and a bit more fun? Our leopard print Jungle Fever bow tie pairs perfectly with a crisp, white shirt, vest, and stylish fedora for an edgy and dapper look.

Collar Bars

Finally, there are collar bars. A less traditional but just as stunning piece, collar bars can be used in lieu or in addition to a necktie, serving as a middle ground between a tie and jewelry. They hold more of a luxurious edge, tying together the both the formal and non-formal, making them perfect for anything from a night out with friends to a fancy dinner. Collar bars are available in two different colorways, stainless steel and copper, to match your needs.

Are you more of a necktie, bow tie, or collar bar type of person? Let us know and tag us on Instagram @hautebutch to show off your style!