Fall Essentials for the Fashionable Butch

It’s officially layering season bois! If you’re anything like me, this is the time your inner fashionista shines through. The deep, richer colors make your soul feel alive, and no one bugs you about “adding color” to your wardrobe.
Cooler temperatures (or crazy temperature shifts, like in my state) allow you to add personal touches through strategic layering choices. Plus, you can adjust throughout the day to be warmer or cooler – depending on what is needed.
And, a truly fashionable tomboy knows thicker textures or silhouettes can add additional depth and personality to fall styles. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with the classics – button downs, layering tees and your favorite pair of jeans. 😉 Do you! We’re here for it!
With layering comes options...so many options! How’s a person to choose what to keep in their closet?? That’s where we come in! HauteButch is here to help step up your fall style game.


This section is probably one of the most fun for fall because not only can it take your outfit to another level; outerwear, such as jackets, sweaters or blazers, have so many textures and fabrics to experiment with!
Pair a knit sweater with a patterned button down, jeans and boots or dust off your leather jacket and wear it with a zip up hoodie, joggers and a basic white tee. Go all out for special occasions with a blazer, button up, tie AND vest. Fall ensembles are incredibly versatile.


Embrace the rich jewel tones such as mustard yellow, camel, and burnt oranges, but don’t shy away from the basics – navy, black, white, and burgundy. Break out the timeless flannels; make people stare as you walk by! Who can really resist a woman in flannel?? Certainly not me!
Make sure to keep classic button-down shirts in various colors. These are perfect for layering and can be dressed up or down. Toss on a vest or suspenders and tie for date night or pair with a sweater for a casual look. Mix in some prints for a bolder look. Mixed media, geometric prints, paisley...the choices are endless as are the combinations! Don’t be afraid to play around with prints or patterns. Maybe you’ll start the next fashion trend!
Having extra tees will help with layering – plain, graphic, or patterns. Tanks or short-sleeves tees can be paired with flannels, sweaters, or button-downs. Henleys are also great options, and realistically, everyone can rock a henley.


FINALLY, the time of year when wearing pants of any kind won’t make you sweat through your threads. On the other hand, this section is way less fun! Jeans have been an essential for decades, and it doesn’t look like that trend will slow down any time soon.
Opt for a darker, slimmer fit jean for fall, and make sure you’re comfortable in them!! Fall is obviously a great time for fashion, but it’s also a time to be comfy. Who wants to sit by a fireplace drinking hot cocoa in uncomfortable pants?! Anyone? No? I didn’t think so!
Speaking of comfort, snag a pair (or two) of joggers for the season. They’re a worthwhile investment, and you can certainly dress them up when needed. Toss on a pair of stylish sneakers, basic layering tee, knit sweater (stripes, plaid, adding a pattern can add some depth), and the right accessories for the perfect casual date outfit. Hello pumpkin patch or movie night!!
As with every season, a solid pair of slacks are a necessity! Who knows when you’ll have to attend a party, meet the parents, or possibly even pop the question?! Slacks are a basic butch essential for every season.


Put away the sandals and sporty sandals because fall is boot season! Whether you prefer leather, suede or canvas, boots can make or break any fall look. Make sure you select the right texture for your outfit and the right fit for your body. If you have wide feet, don’t try to rock a thin boot.
Stylish sneakers, made more for show than actually working out or participating in sports, can be utilized to dress down jeans or joggers, and very very occasionally slacks. Have you seen the cute pictures of women wearing suits and Chucks? You should. Play around with colors, and like boots, make sure you opt for sneakers that fit your foot.


Outfits in any season would be incomplete without the right accessories!! For the fashionable queer woman, these would include hats, ties, possibly suspenders (depending on the occasion) and watches.
Since it’s not too cold yet, you have some room to experiment with hats. Beanies – slouchy or basic – can come out at last! Wide brimmed hats, like HauteButch’s Corporal Fedora, or pork pies pair wonderfully with just about any fall outfit.
Ties and suspenders are a basic for any dapper dresser. This is no different for fall.
Complete your look with the right watch – leather, metal, small or large faced. Whatever you put together, make sure you feel comfortable and CONFIDENT!
At the end of the day, fashion is about self-expression and self-confidence, so wear what you want. Break all the fashion rules, and rock every outfit like you’re on the runway!