Extra Love for the Bigger Butches

In case anyone missed it, I had the epic opportunity to speak with HauteButch’s founder, Karen Roberts, last week. We had so much to talk about; only a small part of it fit in last week’s blog.
One major topic that came up was the HB plus-size line. Apparently, HauteButch frequently gets requests for larger clothing options, and let me tell you, HB rises to the call. There are lots of options for all members of the family here.
But guess what? I’m told that these requested plus-size items are the slowest to sell. Like, turtle slow. What gives, yo?
I understand the frustration of trying to find clothes that fit, getting irritated, and giving up. I do. I’ve got the opposite problem, though. I look like a little kid in most clothes. I don’t want to talk about it.
But it’s no longer a problem, because HauteButch came along to save the day, what with their clothes that actually fit and all.
Here’s my theory on the plus-size situation – I’m guessing that family who need a larger fit have kind of given up on finding good-looking clothes.
Totally understandable.
But did you know that HauteButch sizes go up to 5X? Dude. No joke. On the top navigation, hover over "Shop" and the "XX Haute Sizes" pops up under the Clothing list. So many products, SO little time.

Speaking of time, it is time to step up your style, my friends. Sorry, but your excuse that there aren’t any clothes that fit you? Um, that one just flew out the window. Busted.
Big event? We’ve got the outfit for you. Vest, shirts, pants, boom. Or hey, go all out in a suit. Jackets run to size 54.
Chill afternoon out with the gang? Done. Sweet pullover, shorts that fit you.
Date? Tougher, but you’re still covered. Dressing up? Button-up, maybe a bow tie? More laid-back vibe? How about a fresh hoodie and snapback?

Now here’s another thought that I had. I am well aware that a large portion of blog readers are not the ones who wear these clothes. I get a lot of comments from the non-butch-wardrobe-wearing population, which I so appreciate, by the way. Please don’t ever stop commenting!
So all you butch lovers out there, how is your stud doing in the wardrobe department? Need a little boost? Maybe a link sent, like, “Hey, babe, you would look killer in this shirt” type of message? And hey, always birthdays, holidays, or “just because” gifts are a good chance to get your boi to take things up a notch.
Sometimes we butches forget that our partners would like some eye candy, you know? Help a stud out. Please and thank you.
I am going to ask you all a HUGE favor now. Please check out the plus-size items and leave us a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe to the new HauteButch YouTube channel so you can get the latest scoop on all things HB.
As always, if you get a fly pic of you in your HauteButch gear, tag us in your social media!
Thank you – much love to you all.