Exciting Events

Remember when I talked about Pride last week? That was cool and all but this week, we take it to an entirely new level.
An epic Pride Event is happening this weekend in Santa Rosa, CA. The Arlene Francis Center presents Pride Night, which is just going to be amazing.
The highlight is the HauteButch Fashion Show. You know you don't want to miss out on this! DJ Lady Char will be killing it for the Dance Party and Karen Ripley will be in the house for comedy.
Sure, this event will be awesome, but even better is that is a benefit for Positive Images. Talk about a win-win opportunity for you to get out and have fun while helping out.
Details: June 2nd 2018, 8:00 PM - Midnight @ 99 Sixth St, Railroad Square, Santa Rosa CA.
Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. I honestly don't know about capacity, but if I were you, I'd get my ticket now so as to make sure I got in!

Okay, so the title of this blog is "Exciting Events," right? Plural. There's more.
You'd better sit down.
Ready? Okay...
HauteButch is looking for hot models to represent us.
I know. This is why I told you to sit down first. I hope you listened and didn't hurt yourself there. The 411 is on the link above, so if you want a shot at this, get there, fam.

Just thinking about all this excitement has got me wiped out. That Pride Night will be one to remember, yo. And the chance to be a HB model? Pssh. Unbeatable.