Easter Outfit Guide

Easter is right around the corner. I’m sure you’ve got the perfect outfit picked out, buuuut in the off chance you don’t, here is our exclusive guide to the perfect holiday outfit.   
Easter is the perfect spring holiday. It is about life - rebirth + regeneration, just like spring. Plus, it’s a great excuse to wear a handsome outfit you probably wouldn’t pick for everyday use. Try out a new pattern (hello florals!), or take a chance on those pants you can’t seem to get off your mind. 
Spring can be a tricky mistress as temperatures in your area may vary from super cold to too hot for spring. So our first tip is to keep the weather in mind when selecting your Easter outfit. You don’t want to break in your Bermuda shorts if it’s snowing out or wear a winter coat if it’s a sunny day in the 70s. Keep an eye on the weather to ensure maximum comfort.

Shirts + Outerwear 

Everything from plain, white tees to floral button-ups are perfect for Easter. While that may not initially sound helpful, we promise it is! Each type of shirt has its place in an Easter outfit. 
Tees are great for a casual, daytime event. Pair them with a cardigan, jacket, or blazer depending on the look you’re going for. You can even wear an open button-up shirt over your tee. Whatever you choose, make sure to coordinate! Avoid mixing patterns or wearing colors that clash (like a green button-up with a pink tee - a little too Easter eggy). 
Floral, striped, or light-colored solid button-ups are all perfect for day and evening Easter events. Floral patterns may seem pretty obvious as flowers + spring go hand in hand, but - fun fact - they are also one of Spring’s hottest trends. So are stripes and wearing all white. As with all things patterned, try to coordinate colors and stick to one print at a time. 
Blazers and sports jackets are simple ways to add a layer to your look. Add a pocket square to your blazer to instantly dress up your look, or wear a basic tee for a casual look. Cardigans and crew neck sweaters are perfect if you’re in for a chilly Easter. 


Easter is the perfect opportunity to wear colored or patterned pants. Avoid red for this holiday as it is an aggressive color. Opt for pastels or bright colors like pinks, yellows, and light shades of blue. If those aren't your thing (you're not alone!) deep colors such as purples, orange, or teal work wonderfully as well! 
If colored or patterned pants are a bit too much for you, that is A-Ok! Khakis are a great spring-time option. You can’t go wrong with a fitted pair of chinos and a nice sweater. Does it really get any easier to dress for a holiday? Nope! 
For our readers who prefer jeans, don’t worry - you can wear jeans on Easter. For evening events, stick to black or dark wash jeans. Medium wash jeans are perfect for daytime activities, but please, for everyone’s sake make sure there are no holes! Sure, it’s trendy, but not appropriate for this particular day. Keep it classy. 


Your shoes will depend on the rest of your outfit. For example, let’s say you decided on medium wash jeans with a solid light-colored tee, low-top Converse, slip ons, or other canvas shoes would be a great option! 
If you’re heading to a dressier Easter event, we recommend loafers, brogues, or oxfords. Normally boots aren’t recommended for a spring event; however, if it’s appropriate for the weather, by all means, wear your favorite boots! 
You’ve got this! This Easter will be your time to shine!