Date Approved Office Outfits

With everything going on right now, picking the perfect date outfit should be the LAST thing on your mind! Not to mention, weekday dates are super common and add an extra element of anxiety. So what are you supposed to wear when your office attire isn’t suitable for a romantic evening out?  What in the world wouldn’t scream “I just came from work” when you arrive for your date???
The answer is admittedly quite simple! With a few quick HauteButch style tips, you’ll be dominating the boardroom AND date night.
Let’s get started!

Big Night Out 

Let’s say there’s a big anniversary coming up or a holiday (like Valentine’s Day), and you want to take your sweetie somewhere special. Maybe a 5-star restaurant followed by a show at the theater or ballet is on the agenda.
Start with a neutral base, such as a solid button-down with slacks or chinos. It’s ok to stick with the basics – black, white, navy, burgundy – or to experiment with other colors such as pinks, purples, and the like. Darker colors are more appropriate for dressier date options, and they have the added bonus of enabling you to look more professional at work! Win-Win!
With business attire gravitating toward a more casual look, this can be a tricky category to navigate. Don’t worry though. We’ve got you covered!
The key to a formal date night is to accessorize!! Shhh...I can hear the groaning from here! I promise it isn’t a bad word. Add a bow tie with suspenders or a vest to add a little extra oomph to your outfit. Finish it off with a polished pair of dress shoes for a timeless, dapper ensemble.
I can hear your date’s knees buckling already!!

Casual Date

Dinner and drinks or a movie on the schedule for date night? Casual dates are the easiest work-to-date transition because you can the bag of clothes to change into at home and wear the same thing to work as the date! This also means no uncomfortable changing in the work bathroom. It’s ok to get excited 😉
The looks below will seamlessly transition from a day at the office to a relaxing evening with your date. Remember, when dressing for a casual day to night transition, more design = more casual. For example, graphic tees (which are not recommended on their own) are more casual than solid colors. Patterned button downs, like the ones presented above, are less formal than solids, and short sleeves provide a more laid-back look than long sleeves (of course).
Dress jeans, chinos, or khakis work well in this category as they can easily be dressed up or down, and stylish sneakers, boots and casual dress shoes are great footwear options. A quick side note on jeans – avoid holes, fraying ends, or any other significant signs of wear and tear.

Do's and Don’ts

If you like to be more playful with your wardrobe, this short list of Do’s and Don’ts can be your guide.
Do dress comfortably and CONFIDENTLY! We shine brighter when we love our outfit!
Don’t wear sloppy clothing items. This can include everything from worn-out jeans to an un-ironed top or dirty shoes. YIKES!
Do create a cohesive look. If you plan on mixing colors or patterns, please make sure they go together! You wouldn’t want to show up in an outfit that clashes!
Don’t wear polos or a suit – unless the occasion calls for it! Try to make sure you dress appropriately for the type of date. You wouldn’t wear a graphic tee and jeans to the ballet, now would you? (The correct answer is no 😊 )
Do create a tailored look for any type of date. Looking good is NEVER a bad idea!