The Dappered Accessory Gift Guide


Where did the year go?
Here we are again at the most wonderful time of the year...or at least it can be. The holidays can be amazing, eating great food, enjoying quality time with the family and friends, holiday parties and the like.
We want to help you avoid the stress of choosing a gift for your beloved butch, tomboy,stud, transguy or androgynous fashionisto by sparking some ideas from this gift guide.

Anchors Aweigh Tie - $23

Recommending this because it's a great color, the anchors are classic- this tie can be paired with many combinations.


H Leather Belt- $25.99

H Synthetic Leather Belt2
Having a belt that fits you and is the right color and style to wear with your pants can elevate your entire outfit. Don't be caught wearing a vest/pant combo when your vest rises up and you're absent a cool belt. Why not rock one with an H on it?

Black Dot  & White Dot Tie- $27Black Dot

White Dot
The Dot ties are really popular (hard to keep in stock)  and for good reason. They can be worn along with our Annapolis , Trident & Kairo Shirts or with a solid white or black Garcon Tux Shirt and be stylin' like crazy. I mean The Most Handsome at the party type stylin'.

HBA Watch - $35

HBA watch1
HBA watch2
A subtle but super dapper styled watch that will just peek out from the cuff of a well made dress shirt demonstrates a well considered outfit...a complete look. Just make sure you pair it with a ring that compliments the watch.

Boutonniere Pins- $15

boutonnière, Butch wedding, lesbian wedding
If you're gifting this to an individual intent on polishing off the dapper look...this is pure gent style and can be worn on the lapel of a vest, blazer, suit coat or perhaps even a wool sweat vest. They will love you for this one and we have them in a variety of colors.

Raspberry Suspenders- $29.99

Paging Santa on this one....these are a great gift to be worn when just that extra added pop of color in an accessory is required. Of course you can wear them in a traditional fashion over the top of a shirt but why not try letting them hang also and perhaps rockin' a red watch or a pair of red shoes, or even a hat with a pop of red along with them. Ewwww, quite dapper indeed.

Rhinestone Crown Brooch - $19.99  &   Copper Collar Bar

Lesbian wedding, Butch wedding, tomboy wedding, mrs and mrs, same sex wedding, love wins, lesbian wedding suits,gender fluid
Collar bar, tomboy style accessories, lesbian wedding attire, Lesbian wedding accessories, genderqueer
Truth be told, this brooch captures dapper royalty like nothing else but the copper collar bar carries its own too. Sometimes we want to wear something other than a bowtie or necktie to elevate an outfit. Voila!

Newsboi Caps - $28 Checkered Cap  &  Leather Newsboi's

azure checkered newsboi cap
Finish it off with a newsboi....cotton or leather. Both have a place with the fashion forward dapper look. Masculine and stylish. Variety of colors and fabrics here on the site.

Mel-1 afro-model-front DJ-front-2  liz-vest-front


Don't forget to pick up a crisp dress shirt to go with these accessories...there's a bunch to choose from in the shirt bar .

If you'd like to compliment the ensemble with one of our vest styles, you'll find those here.

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