Clothing Confidence

Conf PhotoFinding the perfect outfit can be such a frustrating experience. Clothes look so good on the mannequin, the hanger or the model (if you’re shopping online), but when you put them on it’s like a totally different piece of clothing! You’re not alone. Not only can sizing be misleading, they are inconsistent, and many people aren’t shopping for their body types. HAUTEBUTCH is here to help!!  
Let’s start off with figuring out what your body shape is. You can look up TONS of body shape quizzes online, or you can use this body positive quiz. So easy right?! Now that you know what shape you’re working with, let’s take it a step further, and learn how to pick what to wear. 
We will start with our apple-shaped readers. Look for tops that fall just below your hips, and don’t be afraid to toss on a deep V neck every once in a while. Get creative with some layers and patterns. A line blazers and jackets will be a great fit! And finally, keep an eye out for a cute pair of boyfriend or straight leg bottoms.  
Our pear-shaped individuals are up next! Don’t be afraid to rock classic tees and button downs. Mix it up with bold colors or patterns, and look for shirts that lay at or above the hipline. Opt for longer blazers or coats with belts, and just say NO to anything that looks “boxy”. Keep your pants relaxed, mid or high-waisted, and darker in color. Try straight leg and bootcut first.  
Next up, our lucky rectangle-shaped readers. Your go-to items depend on what look you’re going for. If you would like to create curves, or add shape, you’ll look for tops with round necklines, dark colors, and belts. Longer, buttoned or belted jackets and blazers will also help accentuate the waist, while low rise pants will bring attention to the hips. On the other hand, if you would like to maintain your slender look, keep your necklines narrow! Crew necklines are a great choice, but make sure they aren’t boxy. Slim-cut button downs and straight-cut jackets would pair nicely with slim, skinny or a slight bootcut pant. So many options!  
Last, but not least, our hourglass-shaped readers. Let’s start with the don’ts. Avoid “boxy” anything. Avoid straight cut or low-rise bottoms and too many details. Simple and fitted styles are the key! With this shape, you’ll want to find clothes that follow the natural body line. Look for single-breasted blazers, classic tees with fitted sleeves, short jackets, and high waisted pants.  
Whatever your shape, whatever your style, these tips should set you on the path to build a collection of perfect outfits. Take some risks; get creative. You’ve got this!