Butch Clothes for Every Color of the Rainbow

With spring right around the corner, it is time for you masculine-of-center folk to start considering the fact that it’s time to buff up that wardrobe big time. To help you focus your search for new style, we break down the colors of the Pride rainbow, one by one.

Red – Life

This bold color shines on many different skin tones, popping out all sorts of features on the person strong enough to wear it. A little research showed that there is a tone of red for every skin tone out there. Luckily, Hautebutch has many red products to pick from. How about rocking this red leather Newsboi Cap that combines the hotness of red with the coolness of the style? Or take a look at this V-Neck Tee that will never lead you astray.

Orange – Healing

Orange has the reputation for inspiring creativity, which cannot be denied when you take a look at this unique skinny tie. While typically thought of as a fall color, you can flaunt this burnt orange Diver Bracelet all year long, no worries.

Yellow – Sunlight

Any one of you butches could show up in this awesome tank with the bold yellow lettering and look good. Yellow is recommended for people with warm skin tones, so get out there and show off the color known to spread happiness. 

(And in case you didn't notice, here's a hot Hautebutch model for all of you butch-lovers out there. I got you.)

Green – Nature

Green, associated with abundance and luck, is an earthy color that comes in a million different shades. Check out this good-looking Skipper Tee.

Turquoise – Art

Class up your tomboy wardrobe with a pair of this haute Royal Truncs. Blue/turquoise wearers give off a confident vibe with a touch of authority – perfect for any butch’s style selection. I don't know about you all, but I think these truncs = art. 


Indigo – Harmony

You can butch up your wardrobe with indigo by adding these incredible cufflinks. Indigo, known as a power color, only strengthens the power of the captivating geometrical shape of these.

Violet – Spirit

Let your spirit fly free by sporting this hot violet Rush Racerback Tank, or for a more formal look, how about this deep Purple Passion Tie. I think the name speaks for itself on that one.

Pink – Gone but never forgotten

In the original Pride flag, pink was at the top. If you are signed up for the Hautebutch email, you will know my thoughts on butches + pink. This email hasn’t gone out yet, so sign up now. You can find the form at the bottom right of the Hautebutch homepage. If you don’t sign up… I guess you will just have to wonder. (And those emails include specials, sneak peeks, promo codes, etc. Don't miss out, fam!)

The colors that you wear matter. Choose your colors with Pride... and with Hautebutch by your side.