Build Your Tomboy Wardrobe for Every Occasion

We’ve all seen the butch who always looks totally put-together, no matter the occasion, right? You know who we’re talking about – the butch who rocks the suit and tie at the more formal affair, or fits right in at the dive bar with some epic red pants no one but they would dare to even attempt.

Don’t just stand there being jealous and hoping your date isn’t eyeballing that well-dressed butch. Step up your game with this handy guide of how to look spot-on no matter where you are.



Your partner’s bestie is tying the knot at the swanky event space downtown, and of course, you are the arm candy. This is your time to shine.

While pulling off dressy tomboy fashion may seem difficult, it’s really just a matter of attention to detail. Class up that suit and tie with a tie bar and suspenders, buff up those tux shoes, pop in some snazzy studs, and make your date proud.



While it might be acceptable to dress more casually for a dinner date, come on – it’s time to step up, remember? Just because you can look less than a perfect 10 does not mean you should. Rise up.

Class up your tomboy wardrobe with some Hautebutch swag such as an open vest over a button-up and some funky shoes. Consider a loose tie – loose because come on, we’re not at a formal event, right? Don’t forget to accessorize with a unique androgynous bracelet or watch to add that final polish to your look.



This category can be tough for a butch. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard, but you definitely don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and threw on yesterday’s clothes, either.

Think about the destination. Are you going to a museum first, then to the food truck festival? First of all, way to be cultured. Now consider a sweet long-sleeved T, jogger pants, and a hat to top off the outfit. That’s right – you’re wearing outfits now, because you care about what you’re putting out into the world.

Or is this a casual lunch with your date’s friends – friends you are meeting for the first time? Breathe. You’ve got this. Shake hands with confidence while sporting a button-up shirt over a pair of shorts, mixing fashion with casual for a great first impression. Top it off with sunglasses – just don’t mess up your hair, yo.



Sure, it’s cold out now, but spring is just around the corner, giving you just enough time to get your casual outdoor wardrobe ready for greatness.

For those picnics, pool parties, or amusement park rides, a good look is a pair of stylish board shorts, a fitted tank to show off your figure, and of course, a button-up, worn open, to add to your solid butch fashion. 


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This category could follow any of the others, and although you might not be expecting it to happen, you need to be prepared. Always. A solid tomboy clothing wardrobe has to include every detail – the shirts, the pants, the accessories… the undergarments.

No butch wants to be caught with ratty boxers. Putting effort into your look must include every detail. Always be ready with these ultra-impressive briefs and fitted tanks.

* * *

Make sure that your wardrobe contains at least one outfit suitable for every occasion, so no matter what arises, you will be ready to dress to impress at a moment’s notice. Even on those casual dates, it’s important to look your best.

Or hey – if you’re single and just out with friends, you never know whose eye you will catch with your put-together tomboy look. It pays to be prepared, my friend.

What is your favorite – dress up or dress down? Leave us a comment to let us know what you like to wear for different occasions!