Becoming YOU in the New Year 

The new year is here, and everywhere I look I see the same sets of messages: New Year, New You (or New Me) and/or new year’s resolutions.
Soooo cliche, right?
2020 was anything but ordinary, so why should we start 2021 the same way we usually do? That’s right - we shouldn’t! I mean statistically speaking, around 80% of resolutions fizzle out by the second week of February any way. Take that pressure off yourself this year! Having said that, if resolutions bring you comfort, GO FOR IT! 
However, may we suggest something with a bit of wiggle room where ups and downs don’t mean “failure.” For example, instead of “lose weight” opt for “love my body.” This will provide some much needed grace. Loving your body is always a work in progress, so if by the end of the year you love your body even 1% more than you did when it started, mission accomplished! 
New Year/New You (or New Me) has always rubbed me the wrong way. What’s so wrong with who you are that you need a “new” version?? Plus, think about how much pressure that adds to your entire year! I think we all deserve a BREAK from the pressures of changing who you are, what you look like, or anything else about yourself because, even if you may not see it, you are AMAZING just how you are now
Why not opt for something truly life changing - BECOMING your most authentic self?? 
Yup. I said it. I am officially declaring 2021 as the year of living fearlessly as your authentic self. It is the year of YOU. I promise it isn’t as scary as it sounds. 
We’ve got some tips to help turn this into a reality for each of you. 

Wear What YOU Want 

Screw the trends or what you think you “should” be wearing. Consider the following when updating your 2021 wardrobe: 
  • Do I feel CONFIDENT in this? 
  • Does this make me feel like ME?
  • Is this how I want to be addressed? 
  • Am I being true to myself? 
  • Is my uniqueness being expressed? 
If you answer no to any of those questions, keep looking! For my list makers out there, take the time to define your style. Do you prefer androgynous looks? Feminine? A mixture? What does your real style look like? 

Pursue What Makes YOU Feel Alive 

Now’s the time to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you happy? Following your dreams? Doing what “sets your soul on fire”? 
If so, I sincerely applaud you! It takes courage, perseverance and strength to follow your passion. If not, I am still so proud of you! As a single parent for 14 years, I 110% understand that it isn’t always possible. 
Whether following your dreams is financially impossible (at the moment) or you’re unsure of how to get started, here are a few helpful tips. 
  • Take baby steps. You’ve got time! 
    • Don’t quit your day job. Sure, following your dreams WILL drastically improve your life, but not if you lose your source of income! 
  • Research, research, research!! 
    • Learn more about your interest - take a class, read a book, watch how-to videos, or explore how to get started 
  • Network your tush off! 
    • Ok, you’re right - putting yourself out there can be scary, BUT point # 1 - baby steps - applies here too. Try a Facebook group or join virtual events. You can comfortably watch from the sidelines until you’re ready to jump in! 
Give those a try, and check in with yourself every month or so if you’d like to track your progress. 

Acceptance = Freedom

Being yourself in a society that constantly tells you it’s not ok or not “good enough” can be a struggle. I’ve been there. Heck, I’m still there in some ways! That’s why baby steps are so freaking awesome!! Progress is progress, no matter how small. 
So this year, give yourself freedom + accept who you are. Being yourself isn’t a competition. Give yourself permission to get there in your own way and in your own time. You’ve got this. We are all rooting for you!! 

You’ve Got This! 

2021 may be as unpredictable as 2020 has been, which is an unfortunate reality. BUT whatever comes your way, we know you will persevere. 
Grant yourself permission to truly make 2021 YOUR year! Wear what YOU want. Follow your heart + accept your truth. Embrace who you really are.