All Things Pride

I know it’s still May, but as you are well aware, Pride events are right around the corner, and I can't wait. Consider this your friendly reminder to buff up that HauteButch wardrobe, gang.
Some towns don’t have Pride, I know. Do you live close enough to go to a Pride event? I am super excited about Pride month, yo. Not only do I live in a city that hosts a good Pride, I’m also packing up and hitting the road with two great friends and hitting up Chicago! What?!? I know. 
(Am I prepared? Not yet. But I will be.)
Pride Accessories
Did you know HauteButch has a Pride package with an amazing assortment of all things Pride?
This package has you covered - a sweet Tomboy Rainbow Barrel Pendant, Tomboy Rainbow Bracelet, Tomboy Lesbian Pendant, and top off that HB look with a sharp Rainbow Pride Skinny Tie.

Although this package makes a great kick-off to your Pride wardrobe refresher, we also have individual items so you can build up your own style. 
Of course, you don't want to forget your Rainbow Suspenders, right? HB also has Pride bands, studs, and more in the Pride section of the site.
Cool Cool Clothes
I didn’t stutter there. You need good-looking clothes to wear when you are out and about, and it will be June, so most of you will probably need something to wear in warm weather.
As you probably know, HauteButch has tons of options for you here. Want board shorts? We got you. Tanks? Same. Tees? Take your pick!
One of my favorite looks is a tank or tee with an unbuttoned shirt over it. That dresses up the casual just enough without going over to too formal for a fun outdoor event.
How Do You Pride?
Tell me about your plans for this year, for next year, your past Prides… Share! I love hearing stories from you all, so share away! Please and thank you.
Hey – when you are all spiffed up in your HB gear, don’t forget to tag us on your social media posts! We love to see you looking fabulous.