Accessorize With More Than Just Ties

Accessories may seem insignificant at times, but they can completely transform an outfit...hopefully in a positive way. As with all things fashion, there are some do’s and don’ts when accessorizing. For example, you wouldn’t want to sport a hat with an oversized watch and a chunky necklace (ever) at a funeral because it will bring too much attention to you and your outfit. Or let’s say you are rocking some new jewelry, silver and gold shouldn’t be worn at the same time. 
Here are a few of our accessorizing no-no’s. 

Over Accessorizing 

Jewelry is a GREAT way to accessorize - and it’s definitely not a tie. HOWEVER, it’s a good idea to know how much is “too much”. How are you supposed to know if it’s too much? I’m glad you asked!
When accessorizing, make sure your choices compliment your outfit, not overpower or distract from it. Moderation is essential when selecting accessories for any outfit from casual to formal. For example, let’s say rings are your thing. Instead of wearing three rings, a bracelet, earrings and a watch (that just sounds like a lot!), try cutting back some. Lose a ring or two. Maybe pick between the bracelet and the watch. 

Unbalanced Jewelry 

While this may sound pretty obvious, it can be a challenge for some people - and that is ok! We’re here to help! 
Much like over-accessorizing, wearing unbalanced accessories will distract from the overall look you’re trying to accomplish. 
Some great examples include watches and bracelets. Having a bulky watch on one wrist with a thinner, more minimalist bracelet on the other (or vice versa) will make you look lopsided. We don’t want that! 
Necklaces are often the source of unbalanced jewelry. Layering, or wearing multiple necklaces is A-Ok when it’s done right. Stacking necklaces (or wearing necklaces of similar lengths) will crowd your neckline. This makes your neckline look clunky and a bit too crowded. Try necklaces of varying lengths if you are drawn to more than one that day, but make sure they aren’t overpowering your look, neckline, or each other. 

Balance is key! 

I found a great saying that may help navigate accessorizing with jewelry: “jewelry is the last thing you put on but the first thing that you see.” 
So what are some of our favorite non-tie accessories? Let’s check them out! 
Jewelry is definitely a unisex accessory that anyone of any kind can totally pull off (even if you don’t think you can). Before we get into our favorite accessories, here are a couple of pointers to make sure you look your best! 

  1. Wear tones that compliment your skin tone. 
  2. Make sure it’s balanced (either in size, placement or both).
  3. Accessories vary based on your environment, so make sure you’re considering it when picking out your outfit. 
  4. Don’t mix metals. If you choose to wear jewelry with more than one metal, stick to the more dominant metal type for the rest of your choices. 

Some of our favorites include necklaces, bracelets (like this one), earrings, and watches. When put together properly, these finishing touches can elevate your outfit and turn heads. This is why suits look so sexy - every piece is made to compliment the overall outfit. You can do this with your accessories, like jewelry. 

Hats + Glasses 

This category is super fun to play with! 
You can rock a beanie and glasses (or sunglasses) in the winter or toss on a baseball cap on warmer days. Thankfully beanies and baseball caps complement nearly every style of (sun)glasses and are super versatile as accessories. 
Hats (with or without glasses) can immediately set you apart from the crowd as many people do not have the confidence to try to pull it off. They are more of a statement piece accessory, but when done right, is the PERFECT finishing touch to any outfit. 

For Your Shirt 

Depending on the type of shirt you’re rocking, accessories will vary. Collar bars are a striking alternative to a tie (although they can also be paired with one). If you choose a metal collar bar, make sure it doesn’t clash with your jewelry. Remember, try not to mix metals. 
The same goes for cufflinks. Make sure they go with not only your shirt but your entire overall look. For example, silver and red cufflinks would clash with gold jewelry or collar bars. 
Brooches are also a great accessory. I promise they aren’t just for old ladies! Worn on a vest or blazer, brooches can add a dash of sophistication to your outfit. 
What are your go-to accessories? Let’s see them!! Leave us a picture in the comments.