8 Ways To Dress Fierce On A Budget 

One of the common questions I see in our private Facebook group is how to dress well on a budget. For all of you who may be wondering the same thing, this one’s for you! 
While we realize not everyone is on a budget, many folx are these days. Whether it’s because of the pandemic or a myriad of other potential reasons, we want to help you maintain your fierce sense of style without breaking the bank. 
Keep reading for 8 ways to create a budget friendly, yet classy, wardrobe. 
Keep An Eye Out For Sales
Companies often run flash, end of season sales or special event sales. And, if you’re part of their email list or newsletter, sometimes they will send you exclusive sales that can’t be found elsewhere! So make sure you:

  1. Sign up for email lists/newsletters 
  2. Check your spam folder to ensure you’re not missing anything 
  3. Actually open the emails 
  4. Shop 

    1. Beware of overbuying! 
  5. SAVE $$$$ 

Also, follow your favorite brands on social media - Instagram, Facebook (pages and/or groups), even Twitter and TikTok - whatever you have. Oftentimes sales, giveaways and contests will be posted there (yay for potentially free stuff!!). 

Thrift When Possible 

Queer style icons all over consistently credit thrift stores for their fashionable looks. So why not try it out?? 
Reinvent a classic look or try something outside of your comfort zone. Play around with new looks for a fraction of the cost! My very first button downs and a floral tie came from a thrift shop, and it helped figure out what styles - colors, patterns, fits -  I like/dislike, which made shopping for high quality essentials so much easier when I was ready!! (We will address quality in a little bit...keep reading)

Clothing Swap 

So this may be more comfortable to initially do with friends, but I’ve seen clothing swaps in Facebook groups too! Mix and match your style with someone else’s or completely revamp your wardrobe with new pieces you may not have previously considered buying. This is such a FUN experience. Socializing, clothing, add some snacks + drinks to make it a full on clothing swap party!! 
Who knows, maybe you’ll see a virtual clothing swap in our private group some time in the near future. 😉

Build Your Clothing Fund

This sounds easy enough, but it can be challenging as it most likely will require some sacrifice. Set aside what you can, when you can. Maybe opt for making coffee at home instead of heading to the local coffee shop. Or have a friends’ night in/virtual get together instead of going out for an expensive dinner or drinks (if where you live is open for that sort of thing).  Try small amounts, maybe $5-10 each paycheck. It doesn’t sound like much, but it will add up! 
Set up a savings account or hide extra cash in your top secret spot. That way, when you’re ready, you have money dedicated specifically to your fresh, new look! 

Quality vs Quantity  

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’m going to say it again anyway… 
Invest in quality clothing.Sure, it may have a more expensive price tag; but will it be more or less expensive over time?? 
You’ll be able to wear high quality clothing more often - depending on how you take care of it. That means the cost per wear of high quality clothes are actually lower than cheaper clothes. Plus, high quality clothing typically fits better, which will save you some money on tailoring costs. 

Make A List & Check It Twice 

Exactly like the heading says - make a list of your clothing needs and/or desires. Keep it somewhere easily accessible so you can change it over time. For example, a great essential to have in your closet is a suit. Not just parts of a suit - an entire suit. Or let’s say summer is coming up, and you need new board shorts or tank tops. Write them all down! 
Put each piece of clothing you don’t have on your list. Cross items off as you get them. Add or remove items as your style or needs change. 

Review What You Have

It’s almost time for spring cleaning, so you totally have an excuse to go through your wardrobe! Take “inventory” of what you have and what you’re missing. Then, add what you’re missing to your list we just talked about. 
This is also a great time to purge!!
Sell the clothes you no longer want/need. Those funds can go towards your shopping budget! Donate what you can. This would also be a great way to get stuff together for a clothing swap (hint hint).


Accessories are one of the easiest ways to change up your look. Since we are discussing budget ideas, there are two ways to go about buying accessories. As with your clothing, you can opt for quality vs quantity. 
Opting for higher quality items will decrease the amount of accessories you have, but you will be able to use them more often. Plus, you can switch them up every few months so you don’t get bored.  Or, you can spend less initially on accessories and have a larger variety. Both are great options, and this part really comes down to personal preference. 
BONUS: AfterPay 
And finally, just because we love our readers so much, a bonus suggestion!! 
Use AfterPay (or similar services). 
What’s AfterPay, you ask? Great question!! 
AfterPay allows you to separate your purchase into four equal payments. As with all things payment related, there are restrictions, such as being 18 to use this service. More information can be found here: AfterPay.
Things like this are great budgeting tools, so make sure to keep that in mind when you’re visiting your favorite shops!
What are your favorite budget shopping tips?? Head over to our Facebook group & share them with us!!