5 Ways to Wear + Style Classic White Shirts

Crisp, white button downs are a staple in any butch wardrobe. They are so versatile! You can wear them for pretty much any occasion, and there are endless ways to style them. Have a wedding this weekend? Hot date? Job interview?? Your white button down is appropriate for all of them! 
While there are endless ways to style this wardrobe essential, we are going to focus on our top five favorite ways - layering, suits, casual, with a statement piece and with outerwear. Let’s dive in!! 

On Its Own 

As white goes with EVERYTHING, the simplest way to wear this essential is on its own with a nice pair of pants. Jeans of course are the most basic option. Now, yes “basic” is usually seen as a negative, but that’s just not the case here. Basic = simple, classic style.  Try a pair of distressed jeans with brown leather shoes for a dapper yet casual look. 
Swap jeans for slacks or tailored chinos to dress it up or khakis to keep it casual. Pair chinos with a tucked-in white shirt and a belt. To complete the look, keep your shoes, belt and accessories in the same color. Another smart-casual outfit option would be your white button down (of course) with blue slacks. Your accessories - like your watch or a stylish bracelet - will have a significant impact on this simple style. So make sure to choose them with care! 
For our more adventurous style seekers, play around with patterned or textured pants. Vertical prints are slimming as they can make you look taller. Plaid or houndstooth may not make you look taller, but they still provide a fun illusion. 


Keep the season and event in mind when selecting outwear. You wouldn’t wear a trench coat in the middle of summer or a light weight cardigan in the snow. 
Blazers can be worn year round and come in a multitude of colors, patterns, even textures. Try a solid or plaid blazer with slacks or chinos. Add a pocket square for a pop of color or to tie together your accessories. 
Earth toned sweaters are a great choice to elevate your outfit. Pair with jeans and sneakers for flawless street style, or switch the jeans for chinos for a more tailored casual look. When selecting a sweater, start with the color palette. You wouldn’t want to pair a navy blue sweater with black jeans and brown leather boots.            
Coats are great for fall, winter and possibly early spring when it’s still chilly out. As with sweaters, your color palette is essential for pulling off this look. Give this a try: a beige peacoat, white shirt with a band collar, dress jeans and your favorite boots (grey or brown).Mix up your look with a colored trench coat - green, blue, etc. - instead of neutral colors. 


Who doesn’t look good in a tailored suit? Exactly...everyone looks great in a suit! What’s even better...you can pair a white button down with ANY color suit
Opt for classic blue, which is suitable for all ages, or black for a more formal event. Gold can be a fun alternative as it’s bright and classy, and fun fact - it’s the color of inner wealth, wisdom and quality. 
Lighter colors such as off-white, beige, light grey or pastels, work perfectly for spring and summer looks. Add a contrasting tie, dark belt and suede oxfords  to break up the color or white sneakers for a more color blocked look. 


Let’s face it; white button downs can be boring at times. Layers can help with that!  Grab your blazer and a crewneck sweater to create a stylish work outfit or swap the crewneck for a vneck to mix it up. Add accessories, which we will cover next, to create a stylized look. 
You can also layer underneath your white shirt. Try a solid, neutral color tee underneath. Button up or leave unbuttoned and roll up the sleeves for a casual and contemporary look. 


Last, but not least, accessories and/or statement pieces can easily switch up any look. Vests are a GREAT statement piece as they look fierce on any body type and have plenty of room for personalization. Click here for tips on how to style your vest. 
this one - pair great with a bold tie (skinny or bow tie) and dress jeans or slacks. Dust off your solid tie and roll up your sleeves for a more casual “formal” look - perfect for work!
What's your favorite way to wear a solid, white button down?? Share with us in the comments.