5 Spring 2021 Trends 

Depending on where you’re from, spring is just about here, and thank goodness for that! It’s time to get back outside, soak up all the sunshine (get your Vitamin D!), and revamp your wardrobe (of course). 
While every site will have its own idea of top trends for spring 2021, us included, the most important part of revamping your wardrobe this spring is: DRESS FOR YOURSELF! Pick what you like, toss the rest 😉.  Make 2021 the year you toss all the fashion rules out the window, and wear what feels like Y-O-U. 
Let’s check out our favorite spring trends. 

Spring in Full Bloom

Florals are making a comeback this spring, and they include everything from flamboyant, tropical florals to minimalist floral designs. They are showing up on collar shirts, tee shirts, shorts...anywhere designers can put flowers, we’re seeing them! 
I personally LOVE a good floral print, but, as with all things fashion, moderation is key for this Spring trend. We recommend one print at a time. This way you avoid having an outfit that has too much going on. You don’t want to overwhelm your look with too much of this fun style!! 

When in Doubt, Wear Stripes

This trend not only adds another print to play with this Spring, but it also flatters every body type. Vertical stripes specifically are slimming, can give the appearance of looking taller, and help balance out volume - a.k.a. create shapes that flatter your body. Darker stripes help elongate the body, as do thinner stripes. 
While vertical stripes may be the trend for this spring, horizontal and diagonal stripes are also helpful to have in your wardrobe. Diagonal stripes help create movement in an outfit, which helps form curves or an hourglass look. Vertically striped shirts can help balance out your frame, and thick stripes help broaden your shoulders. Oh, and thin, vertical stripes in pants or shorts can thin out your hips. 
See? Stripes are such a great trend...no matter how you wear them!

Hats Have Power 

We LOVE hats! They are such a powerful statement piece. Not to mention, they also have a very practical use - to protect against rays from the sun. So, they’re fashionable AND helpful! That’s not all though. Hats have the power to transform more than just your outfit. They have the power to transform you into someone else - a confident, alluring, vivacious YOU. 
Yeah...hats can do all that! 
So take the risk this spring. You may just love how it feels! 

Get Shipster

While some may call “shipster” cringeworthy, we think it sounds like fun! What does it stand for, you ask? Spring’s nautical trend. This trend is part of a subgenre of workwear that takes fisherman style to the next level. Keep an eye out for beanies, Breton tops, sweaters, and fun nautical patterns
Imagine navy blue + white stripes, peacoats, and deck shoes. This trend has long been embraced by our more preppy fashionistx’s. Now it’s our turn. Embrace your inner fisherman, explorer, or sailor in this practical, hard-wearing, mostly blue Spring (and summer) look. 
Are you ready to rock shipster style?? 

Sun(glasses) Please

This may seem obvious as sunglasses are essential for the bright, sunny days heading our way, but a very specific type of sunglasses is making a comeback this spring. Are you ready?? Ok...ok...I’ll tell you. 
Retro shades! 🤩 These styles include round, shield, flat top (tennis + brunch anyone??), aviators, chunky and rectangular sunglasses. Sit and enjoy the nostalgia for a moment as you embrace this vintage trend. It’s the perfect blend of classic + novelty.

Your Turn!

We want to hear from you! What are your favorite Spring 2021 trends? Leave us a comment with your favs!!