For the Love of the Bow Tie

I have a serious question for you this week. Do you know how to rock a bow tie
This question is followed immediately by a sad confession. I do not. I don't feel quite cool enough to sport a bow tie.
Because really, bow ties elevate their wearer to a new level of style, right? I have shared my love of suspenders in a previous blog, so you know how I feel about suspenders and their ability to add massive style to an outfit.
I want to be awesome enough to go out in a bow tie and look incredible.
Along those lines, let's take a look at part of the huge selection of bow ties that HauteButch has to offer.

HauteButch Black Bow Tie
First up is the ever-amazing HauteButch bow tie itself. Obviously, this is an exclusive item.
In classic black and white, this bow tie goes with just about anything. Note that this hot model pairs it up nicely with a HauteButch Snapback and white button-up.
Understated, seemingly effortless. I like it.

Cloud Bow Tie w/Pocket Square

Now this is a nice ensemble. The Cloud Bow Tie has a subtle pattern with comes with a matching pocket square.
Don't even get me started on the fashion points you will get by adding a matching pocket square. I mean seriously though. Get on it.
Also worth noting: a pink boutonniere pin adds a eye-catching pop of color.

Leontyne Bow Tie

So while the first bow tie is black and white and goes with everything, the Leontyne Bow Tie will not.
But take a close look here. There are a lot of complementary colors going on in this unique bow tie. This model pairs it with a lavendar button-up, bringing out the purple tones.
You can go light green, light blue, dark blue, purple, or of course, black or white.
This one will require a little more effort to stay color-coordinated, but totally worth it.

Redwood Bow Tie
Oh, you were looking for something totally different? We got you.
This Redwood Bow Tie fits the bill perfectly. It's handmade wood, and I tell you what, these are fire.

SO what do you think, gang? At the time of this blog, there are 67 HauteButch bow ties to choose from. Wow.
Do you have a bow tie? Where do you wear it? What do you wear it with? I honestly want to know. Please share your mad style secrets!